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VW T5 Elevating Roof Campervan

Maximise Space with a VW T5 Elevating Roof Campervan

Discover beautiful parts of the country in a VW T5 elevating roof campervan from Denby Campervans! Whether you are looking for a campervan for sale or you want us to convert one for you, having an elevating roof is a great addition – you will be surprised by the extra room it creates!

For decades we have been supplying quality products to our customers and we are known for our excellent customer service. Taking great care in finding a campervan that not only suits your requirements but lasts for many years so you can create unforgettable memories. We make sure that all vans we stock are high quality vehicles. They are very popular and don’t stay on the forecourt for long!

Reasons for Having a VW T5 Elevating Roof Campervan

In our opinion the VW T5 is by far the best van to use for a campervan. Having a VW T5 elevating roof makes campervans even better! The unique shape, style and width of these vans allows us to create designs that are unbelievably spacious and functional. You will be able to stand up and have better access to kitchen units, beds, storage, and entertainment systems, making your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.

We have some great VW T5 elevating roof campervans for sale that you do not want to miss. Ready to drive away today and available on finance, you can have this amazing vehicle at affordable prices.

Contact us about our VW T5 elevating roof campervans

If you want us to convert your own VW, all VW T5 elevating roof campervans are designed using unique styles such as the luxury Buckinghamshire or the popular Balmoral – guaranteed to impress!

Whatever you need, simply contact us or visit our showroom, and we can help you to start planning your summer breaks!

VW campervans for sale in the Midlands

Fantastic VW campervans for Sale in the Midlands

Take a step into another world with our VW campervans for sale in the Midlands! You will be amazed by the functionality and space that our campervans have.

Here at Denby Campervans, we are a family run business who take pride in providing the best converted VW vans around. Now is the right time to start planning all your adventures this year and we work endlessly to design a product that you can enjoy all year – whether that be for long holidays or weekends away.

VW Campervans for Sale in the Midlands are any Travellers Dream!

For a lot of people, having the opportunity to travel all over the country is an absolute must on any bucket list… Our VW campervans for sale in the Midlands are your first step to start making these dreams come true! Designed with the finest quality materials and unique styles, we guarantee to have something for you that suits all your requirements, at amazing prices.

VW T5 and T6 campervans are one of our most popular products for sale, this is due to their adaptability and capacity to maximise space. We have made unique solutions that are completely tailored to the VW. Our vans can include insulation, kitchen units, rock and roll beds, high top roof, entertainment systems, stylish interior and much more!

Find Out More About our VW Campervans for Sale in the Midlands

If you want a bespoke alternative to our VW campervans for sale in the Midlands, we can even convert your own VW van for you! Anything from simple day campervans all the way to luxury Buckinghamshire designs for that extra added comfort during your travels!

If you would like to know more information about our campervans for sale, please contact us, you could even be eligible for our brilliant finance options.

Campervans for sale

Get Ready for Summer with Our Campervans for Sale

Prepare for summer with our campervans for sale and start planning your adventures! There are truly breath-taking places to visit in the UK and a campervan is a great way to escape for a few days and see the sights. Denby Campervans is a family run business who pride ourselves in friendly service and creating the best campervans in the country!
All our campervans are designed using the finest quality materials and we can even convert your own vehicle for you. Our aim is to give you an exceptional product that you’ll love for many years.

Fantastic campervans for sale

Choose from our stunning readymade campervans for sale. Some of our most popular brands include conversions of VW Transporters, including the T5 and T6, however we can convert any other brand such as the Mercedes Vito and more!

Travel in luxury this year with the Buckingham design and we guarantee you will be amazed with the transformation! This will revamp any campervan by adding elements for extra comfort such as two single beds, a choice of upholstery, a fitted kitchen and much more.

If you want a simple design, then our basic day van will be ideal as it includes everything you need from kitchen units, installation, and entertainment all at amazing prices. Perfect for weekends and days out!

See our campervans for sale at our showroom

To see our campervans for sale, pop down to our showroom in Leek. Where could your campervan take you this year? Let your imagination run wild! To make a service that is personal to you, we can also transform your own campervan with stylish interiors and accessories that suit your requirements. We would love to hear from you, so contact us to chat about your dream campervan, our team are dedicated to helping you choose your perfect vehicle.

vw transporter conversions for sale

A Versatile Range of VW Transporter Conversions

With all this cold weather, you may have been daydreaming about all the campervan adventures you are planning for 2018, and maybe even been thinking about what improvements and modifications you might want for your campervan interior. We at Denby Campervans provide a versatile range of VW Transporter conversions, accessories, and options; from complete overhauls, or simply adding a few choice alterations to your interiors.

We specialise in tailoring the campervan to the individual, and have developed a range of VW Transporter conversions  and accessories which will suit every need. If you are planning upgrades to your VW camper in time for your 2018 holidays and trips, we’re excited to work with you to create the perfect VW Transporter conversion for you needs.

VW Transporter Conversions

VW Transporter Conversions of All Kinds

With our range of VW Transporter conversion options, you can build your perfect campervan interior. Some of our most popular VW Transporter conversion include:

• Full lining out and insulation
• Kitchens
• Bathroom facilities
• Rock and roll beds
• Entertainment systems
• Equipment storage solutions
High top roofs
Elevating roofs

The possibilities for your new VW Transporter conversions are almost endless!

You are more than welcome to visit us in Staffordshire and take a look at some of our completed vans; this will demonstrate the quality workmanship we offer, as well as giving you an idea of which VW Transporter conversions will be right for your needs. As our main priority is that you leave us with a conversion that will provide you with the ultimate campervan experience, we are proud to operate a no pressure environment at our premises.

Visit Us in Staffordshire to View our VW Transporter Conversions

We are based in Leek, Staffordshire, so why not pop in and take a look at our campers? If you’d like any more information on any of our vehicles or VW Transporter conversions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


VW T5 campervans for sale from Denby

With so much variation between one campervan and the next, searching for a VW T5 camper for sale can be quite a mundane task. But we at Denby Campervans can make it fun! We take all the hassle of the search away from you and find out exactly what spec your ideal VW T5 campervan for sale is, and are able to provide you with something that feels just right for you. We are lifelong lovers of campervans and in particular VW T5 and T6 models.

Choosing the correct VW T5 camper for saleVW T5 camper for sale

It can be tricky searching for something you need to fall in love with to buy. A VW T5 camper for sale advertisement can quickly perk you up, only to view a picture or even travel to see the vehicle to then be dismayed. Luckily, we only sell high quality and tailored interior campervans meaning you will never be disappointed!

With endless lists of uses for campervans, and many peoples’ preferences varying, it makes sense to use a company that’s family run and have the same desire and obsession for campervans as you. We sell a range of new and used
campervans, all with stylish and top quality interiors and can also supply and fit elevating roofs and high tops. In fact, there is nothing we can’t assist with when it comes to finding a VW T5 camper for sale.

Contact or visit us for VW T5 campers for sale

We are dedicated to providing you with your perfect VW T5 camper for sale. Please contact us online or visit us in Staffordshire where you can view all of our current stock in person or discuss any specific VW T5 campers for sale you have seen. Alternatively we can source your preferred vehicle – just let us know what you’re looking for!

VW Transporter Conversions

Visit Denby Campervans for your VW Transporter conversions

A family run business based in the very heart of Staffordshire, we at Denby specialise in all things campervan and VW transporter conversions. Offering expertise and an impressive range of stock we can supply everything you need when buying or amending your current vehicle. We open up a world of possibilities when it comes to offering VW transporter conversions for you.

vw transporter conversions

An impressive range of VW transporter conversions for sale

Take your mini home across some of our country’s finest countryside and explore the rural areas unbeknown to you. If you want a fantastic kitchen unit, toilet, bed, state of the art entertainment systems or even insulation then our expert team can provide advice and in turn covert your campervan.

Our unbelievable range of VW transporter conversions can be personalised to meet your demands. We know how particular we can be and understand that this is something that applies to you too! Our bespoke designs can be perfectly administered to your vehicle leaving you to enjoy the upgrades. We want you to leave with a product you are happy with and we can be proud to have supplied.

The VW Transporter is truly the iconic campervan of choice, and as specialists in converting these vehicles, As the iconic campervan of choice there is no company better suited to tailoring your VW transporter conversion than us. Whether you want to take your campervan away for a weekend or even an extended break, we can convert your vehicle to suit your needs.

Alternatively, we offer a quality fleet of used VW transporter conversions that may appeal to you. All in fantastic condition they have either been converted or completely serviced by ourselves.
If there’s a certain modification you had in mind that, please tell us and we can do our best to source it for you wherever possible.

Visit us to see our stock of VW transporter conversions

If you would like any further information on any of our VW transporter conversions or to discuss your options please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always more than happy to advise and guide you so that you can own your dream campervan.

T5 Campervan for Sale

A Quality T5 Campervan for Sale at Denby

Browsing for a quality T5 campervan for sale can be a fun but tricky task; you may find yourself viewing a lot of campervans before you find one that feels just right for your needs. This can feel a little daunting; especially when you are in need of a T5 campervan for sale in time for that family holiday you’ve been planning. Here at Denby, we are lifelong fans of campervans, in particular the Volkswagen T5 and T6 models, and we specialise in supplying quality campervans and tailored interior conversions.



Looking for the Perfect T5 Campervan for Sale?

What makes a campervan perfect for your needs will vary from person to person, depending on how and where you use your camper, as well as how often. With a seemingly endless list of ways to use your camper, and as many interior choices, it makes sense to consider a variety of options when viewing a T5 campervan for sale.

We offer a mix of quality used campervans, new vehicles, and versatile and stylish interior conversions. We also fit high top and elevating roofs. Whatever you are looking for in a T5 campervan for sale, you are sure to find the perfect vehicle right here.

By choosing a Denby campervan, you are choosing a family-run company which is dedicated to providing an exceptional service for all things campervan. Though we specialise in offering the VW T5 campervan for sale, we are more than happy to source alternative vehicles; just let us know if you were looking for something in particular.

Browse Our T5 Campervans for Sale Online

Based in the Midlands, we’re ideally placed to serve all corners of the country with our campervan expertise. If you are looking for a quality T5 campervan for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’re on hand to discuss your needs. You are also more than welcome to visit us in Staffordshire to view our campervans in person.

vw transporter conversions

Denby Campervans – The Home of VW Transporter Conversions

Based in the heart of Staffordshire, we at Denby are lucky to be only moments away from some remarkable countryside. In part, it is our proximity to the fresh country air that inspires us; we love that we can pack everything we need into a campervan, and head off on an adventure. We have a wealth of experience and passion when it comes to all things campervan, including VW Transporter conversions.


VW Transporter Conversions


VW Transporter Conversions for Your Holidays

With summer holidays fast approaching, you may be thinking about what you might like to do with your leisure time. Owning a campervan is an excellent option, and can open a world of possibilities for your holidays and breaks. Our range of VW Transporter conversions can be tailored to meet your needs, whatever the length of your trips. Furthermore, our interior VW Transporter conversions offer flexible options and extras. They can be altered depending on whether you prioritise on board facilities, or prefer to maximise the internal space of your campervan for storage, or a high top or elevating roof.

For example, if you plan on taking your campervan to campsites with extensive facilities, you may prefer to only have the basics inside your camper. On the other hand, if you are holidaying in an area with limited access to amenities, you may prefer VW Transporter conversions with all the comforts of home.

We take pride in every single conversion we undertake; whether you choose a van from our range, or would like your van fitting with a VW Transporter conversion. We believe that quality sells itself, and are confident that you will love the quality and finish of our VW Transporter conversions.

Discuss Our Options for VW Transporter Conversions

If you are interested in our VW Transporter conversions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always happy to offer any help and advice you may need!

Looking for a VW T5 Camper for Sale?


If you are looking for a VW T5 camper for sale, then take a look at the range of quality campervans available here at Denby. Based in Staffordshire, we are a family run business, dedicated to providing the finest campervans, conversions, accessories and more. We’re proud of the service we offer, and are here to help you get the campervan of your dreams.


VW T5 camper for sale


Choose Your Quality VW T5 Camper for Sale


When searching for the perfect VW T5 camper for sale, it can be tricky to know what you need. We have a variety of VW T5 campers for sale; you are more than welcome to come and view them in person at our premises. You will find that we offer a no pressure environment where you can get to grips with our campers. This allows you to get a good idea of the sorts of interior features you would find useful.
Furthermore, if you require a new VW T5 camper for sale, we offer a range of options. If you are interested in having a brand new campervan, get in touch, and we will get this sourced for you; we also offer a complete range of interiors. This is perfect if you are looking to tailor your new campervan to your exact needs.
On the other hand, if you are not in the market for a VW T5 camper for sale, but already own a van, we also offer a quality conversion service. Our VW conversions can accommodate you on short trips where you may only need basic facilities on board; they can also be designed to accommodate all the facilities you need for longer trips. This can include toilets, kitchens, entertainment systems, and more.


Call Us About Our VW T5 Camper for Sale


Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions on a VW T5 camper for sale in our range, or if you need any help or advice on all things camper.

Campervans for Sale UK

A Range of Quality Campervans for Sale in the UK


In recent years, more and more people and families are choosing not to go abroad for their holidays; instead, they prefer to stay here in the UK and enjoy everything our wonderful country has to offer. There are many reasons for this, including costs and a desire to reduce airmiles. We at Denby have always been fans of the ‘holiday at home’ holiday, and so we offer a range of quality campervans for sale in the UK.


campervans for sale in the uk
Whether you are looking for a new or used camper, you can rest assured that when you choose a Denby campervan, you are choosing a quality product that you will enjoy for many years to come. Further to our range of campervans for sale in the UK, we also carry out a professional campervan conversion service. This is ideal if you already have a van which you’d like us to convert into a camper.


A Warm Welcome When You View Our Campervans for Sale in the UK


We are based in the Midlands, and are happy for you to pay us a visit to see our campervans for sale in the UK for yourself. We’re proud to offer a no-pressure environment when you come to us. This is important to us, as our priority is that you select the perfect campervan for your needs; we want you to love your new camper, and to enjoy the time spent in it!
Our range of campervans for sale in the UK offer a range of versatile and customisable options to meet your needs. The interiors can include beds, kitchens, toilets, and more; what facilities you choose to have in your camper ultimately depends on how you use your camper.


Browse Our Range of Campervans for Sale in the UK


You can view our range of campervans for sale in the UK here. If you have any questions or would like advice, please do give us a call.

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