Which Campervan Heating System is Right for me?

Campervan heating system options

Staying in your campervan over night can be great fun in the summer – you might even be tempted to leave the doors and windows open to catch the cooler breezes. This is less true in the colder months, when you might question your decision to buy a campervan at all. However, you don’t need to give up on staying in the camper for half of the year. Instead, you need to invest in a decent heating system for your van. There are a number of different options for campervan heating systems – so choosing the right one can seem difficult. However, Denby Campervans have a clear and simple guide to help you choose the right campervan heating system for you.


Electric campervan heating systems are one of the most eco-friendly options. They can be powered by solar or wind energy, and produce no CO2 directly. They are, however, usually more expensive to run than gas, petrol or diesel heating options. This is due to being less energy efficient. They are most suitable, therefore, for campers that stay at sites with mains electricity supply, or for campers that have access to solar panels or another renewable energy source. On the plus side, electric heaters start up quickly, and produce heat almost instantly.


Gas campervan heating systems are one of the most common heating systems in campervans. Many campervans use gas canisters to power their stoves and other appliances. This means that it is often easier to also use gas to power the heating, without needing to keep additional fuel in the van. They are warm and quick to heat. However, not all gas heaters are suitable for vans or other enclosed spaces, as they can produce fumes.


A diesel (or petrol) heater is a cheap campervan heating system. They are generally fuel efficient, and fuels for them are readily available in the same places you buy fuel for your van. However, they do have a few potential downsides. They produce C02 and other fumes. They can be noisy – particularly older models and they are not considered to be eco-friendly. However, they are warm, easy to maintain due to their relative ubiquity and almost instant in their heat production.


Wood is the oldest method of producing heat – and therefore not one you might associate with campervan heating systems. However, they are an eco-friendly and economic choice to heat a van – with a few potential downsides. They do produce smoke – although a decent chimney / flue should prevent this getting in your van. Not all wood burning stoves are suitable for inside of a campervan. Wood is a cheap and plentiful source of fuel, and is can be an enjoyable source of not just warmth but also pleasure in a van.

Heating your campervan is important, and making the right choice can seem difficult. This is particularly true if you are new to campervans. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss which campervan heating system is right for you.