Campervan Accessories you Might not Have Thought of

Picnic blanket from a campervan on the grass

So you’ve got the perfect campervan. You’ve put the effort into finding the right model, and you’ve had all the work done to it that you could ever want. That’s it, right? You have everything you’d ever need to get started on travelling around the country. Well… there are always a few extras you might not have considered. Even the best equipped van could do with a  few little extras that make living the van life that bit easier.


Fold out camping table – While many people choose to have a table installed in their van, that doesn’t need to be the only place you eat. Take advantage of the rare good weather with a fold out table for al-fresco dining.

Inflatable chair – camping chairs can be pretty comfortable. However, you don’t always want to sit upright. An inflatable chair, particularly a lounger, can give you a comfortable way to recline without taking up too much space.

Picnic blanket – Give yourself room to stretch out with a picnic blanket. Useable either inside or out, and capable of protecting your clothes from the dirt, a lined picnic blanket is a must have campervan accessory.


Handheld vacuum – You don’t just make mess when you’re within reach of a plug socket. A handheld, battery powered hoover is essential for cleaning up those minor messes in your camper.

Suction shower storage – You can keep all of your bathroom cleaning products in a suction storage unit, like you’d use for toiletries.

Air fresheners – A van is small place. Even the cleanest van can pick up odours if you are staying in it for an extended period of time. A pleasant air freshener keeps your van fresh.


Hanging containers – just like in a car, a hanging net behind your driving seat offers an easy way to add a little extra storage for those things you might need easy access to.

Magnets – magnetic racks can store knives, cutlery and utensils in your kitchen space, without taking up space in your drawers.

Sink cover – Whether it is built in, or an additional extra, a sink cover is a campervan accessory that gives you extra working space.


Non-slip water bowl – dogs can get a little over-excited when it comes to drinking. This can lead to water bowls being knocked over, and water going all over your camper floor. A non-slip bowl prevents this from being an issue.

Screw-in Lead Holder – You don’t want to be let your dog get away too easily. A simple spike in the ground could go flying if they start running quick enough. A screw in lead holder stays put.


Bluetooth Speaker – Children need a lot of entertaining. Whether it’s their favourite music or a much beloved audiobook, a Bluetooth speaker means they can listen to what they want, wherever they are.

Activity box – setting aside a box filled with lots of small things to do can keep kids distracted during the longer journeys. Even a small box can fit a lot of potential entertainments in it.

At Denby Campervans, we know that even the best equipped camper can be improved upon with a range of campervan accessories. We provide a range of accessories for your camper, and can help you consider what you might need in the future.

Get in touch today, and let’s discuss your perfect camper.