Making the Most of your Campervan Storage

Campervan storage under seat

Whether you are living the van life, or just trying to enjoy a day trip in your van, it can be tough to get everything you need in your van. Storage is at a premium in even the largest camper, so making the most of your campervan storage is essential. However, how do you manage to fit a house-worth of items in a converted campervan? The answer is to be clever. At Denby Campervans, we are experts in making use of the full range of tips and tricks that help maximise the full capabilities of your camper.


Some campervans have higher ceilings than others. If you have a high-top camper, you have a potentially large amount of space that you are not making use of. In making the most of your campervan storage, you need to ensure that there isn’t much space you aren’t making full use of. The ceiling of your camper is particularly suitable for storing larger items like surfboards. You can also use your ceiling to hang storage bags such as cargo netting.


Making the most of your campervan storage is not just about how many storage units you have. It is as much about what you put in that storage. These days, many campervan accessory companies produce a range of foldable or stackable crockery, kitchen accessories and even furniture. These allow you to store more in the same space. If you have a small van, or are otherwise short on space, this can be an easy way to maximise storage.


Not all of your possessions need to go in a box or a drawer. It is perfectly possible to hang your stuff from the walls, ceiling and even the floor. Bungee cords or other elastic cords can tie items like shoes to the end of bench seats. You can even store more delicate items like laptops with bungee cords that are secure enough.


Almost everything that you include in a campervan conversion can be included in maximising your storage. This is through multi-use functionality. For example, a bed contains a quantity of negative space underneath it. Making that space accessible for storage enables you to increase the amount of storage in your campervan without needing to add additional containers.

Campervan conversions are all different. We build them to your specification, and focus on your specific needs. That means that if storage is particularly important to you, we can design your van from scratch to be storage friendly. For example, a table does not need to be a permanent feature. A sliding or folding table can limit the amount of space that you waste. Hollow seats with hatches mean that you are maximising the space in your campervan, without needing to hang anything from anything else.


Denby Campervans are experts in converting campervans. That means that whatever you need from your camper, and whatever you want your camper to do, we can help. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you find the right camper.