Campervan Electrics Beginners Tips

Campervan Electrics Beginners Guide

Owning a campervan can be a fun and exciting experience. It enables you to get out on the open road, make the most of every day of your trip and never have to worry about finding a hotel. However, they can be a complicated hobby. Owning a campervan can seem overwhelming at first, with so much to know, and so many things to consider. However, they are not necessarily much more complicated than cars. The most important thing to consider is the electrics in a campervan – they are easy to use, but you can find yourself in a pickle if you get them wrong. Preparation can ensure that you don’t need to worry about that little bit more complicated anyway. With the Denby Guide to Campervan Electrics Beginners Tips, you can stop stressing the little things, and focus on enjoying the fun and freedom that can come with a camper.

Prepare to prepare

When you get a new campervan for the first time, your intention is probably to rush out and use it. However, give yourself a bit of time to check over everything first. Ensure that you understand what everything is, and how most of it works.

Learn the Electrics

A lot of new campervan owners are so excited at the prospect of having electric sockets in their vehicle that they end up draining the battery on their first trip. Ensure that you understand how the electricals work, and when you should use them. Only use the most draining electrics when you are plugged into the mains. If you aren’t going to be spending much time on campsites with mains electricity, consider whether you might need a second battery.

Speaking of Electrics

There’s not much worse than waking up in the night and needing to fumble around for the light. Imagine that, but in a camper, in a location you have only arrived at a few hours earlier. Make sure that you are very familiar with where the lights are located, and that you can turn them on by hand without too much difficulty.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a great way to save on your battery, particularly if you aren’t certain where you’re going to be staying – or if you prefer to wild-camp. They reduce your dependency on the battery, and can give your system a boost. This is particularly the case on a summer camping trip.

Keeping it Cool

Switch your fridge on at times you are hooked up to the mains, so that you can get them cool without draining the power. Keep it running for a few hours before you leave – preferably overnight.


A generator is not a starter piece of kit. They can be difficult to use, and complicated. If you are a long term wild-camper, or spend a lot of time at sites away from mains power, they may be useful. However, they are not an essential for beginners.

Campervan Electrics Beginners Tips

Denby Campervans are experts in producing campervan conversions for all levels of experience. We help you to plan out your perfect campervan, focusing on what’s important to you. If you aren’t certain what parts of Campervan Electrics beginners should be aware of, get in touch. We can help talk you through everything that you need to know.