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Lloyd from Denby Campervans shows you how your gas bottle works in your campervan.

At the rear of the van you’ll find your unit which you can put your gas bottle into. Inside there you’ll find the regulator and the strap for holding your bottle in tight. Take the gas bottle, hold it underneath, screw it on to the regulator so it’s nice and tight. Then you need to open the valve.

Take the gas bottle, undo the strap, and the gas bottle will go in, then re-tighten the strap and you’ve turned your gas on. The strap will tighten up, your gas bottle will be secure.

The gas bottle you’ll be using is a 907 gas bottle, you can get it from pretty much anywhere, Go Outdoors & most fuel stations.

We would recommend, in winter especially, to make sure you turn this gas off. You want a butane system and below -3 butane has a habit of freezing so it’s a good idea, sometimes it depends on where you live but it might be worth putting a thermal blanket around your gas bottle. When you’re not using it, we would turn it off and stop anything from freezing, especially in the lines and that’s it.

How to

Lloyd from Denby Campervans shows you your charging unit in your campervan.

The other part of your charging system in your van is located behind your driver’s seat. On the main box we have the option to charge, to charge the system for the three pin plug at the back of the van, turn the switch on, that would now be charging your old system, as long as your free pin plug in the back is turned on and hooked up to the vehicle.

The next thing on this system is the RCD, it’s just like an RCD you get in your house, it controls the sockets in your van and it also controls the charger, just like in your house they trip out at 0.003 milliamps so it’s just as fast as what you have in your home and just as safe. We would recommend once a month or once every two months that you hit this switch and manually trip this down and it’s plugged in. That’s really important because just like the ones inside your house they do well they have a tendency to stick, so we do recommend that this is tested.

Your fuses go to everything inside your van – we’ve got vehicle battery, ledger battery, control panel, fridge, permanent, igm, cp ignition, m spare pump, m spare, auxiliary and lights so literally it covers everything, all labeled up here to what the amperages you need if anything goes in your van, if your lights don’t work or your fridge isn’t working, the first place you should go b to is here because the chances are the fuse has gone, pull a blade fury out, put the other one back in, it’s as simple as that & you’ll be working again.

How to

Lloyd from Denby Campervans shows you how your control panel works.

On the power management system you turn it on using the master switch, this is a switch that turns everything on in this panel, from there you can see time, you can select leisure battery voltage, temperature and water level.

Now within these options you’ve also have settings, so through them we can now go in to set the time by pressing the button & holding it – you can select the hours, you can hold again & select the minutes, then hold this button again & that’ll set the time.

Then you can go to the next option, which is a leisure battery. The voltage we can either have it in 12.2 showing the volts or you can press that again and have that in a percentage, whichever you prefer.

The next option is temperature, that has no other option to change, it’s just the temperature as it is.

Next you go into water level, now within this option here you can actually set the water tank reader, the actual gauge itself within the water tank, if you hold the button it’ll say calibrate sensor, now you can press up and down to exit or you can press the arrow button to continue. Now you can do two things, you can either do an empty calibration or you can do a full calibration where the tank is full of water. For the easiest option we recommend doing it on an empty calibration so the water tank’s got no water in it at all. Press the button & it’s now calibrated to 100%, so now when you put water in the tank it will gradually build up how much water is in there.

The next option is settings, within the settings you can change things like display, sound, notifications, brightness, firmware. You can change these options but we wouldn’t recommend changing them because they’re at the preferred settings of what we like, it’s up to you, you can do whichever you like but they are usually preset. Now go down to the bottom, save and exit.

That’s it for the options, next on the control unit is the pump, in order to use the water pump system all you do is press the tab button and it says “pump on”, now if the tank has water in there you’d just lift the tap up, the pump would kick in and water would run out. You can press the button again to turn the pump off.

The next switch is another light switch, if you press this button it’ll turn the lights on in your van, and turn them off. The next button is the down lighting above your sink, press & the light bulb from above your sink comes on, turn it off, it goes off again and that is all there is to the control panel.

Now there is one area where the master switch doesn’t control anything, if you turn the master switch off, okay you cannot use anything on that board except the down light, the idea there is at night when you wake up you haven’t got to light the whole van up, you can just put the down lighting on and it’s not in your eyes blinding you.

How to

Steve James from Denby Campervans shows you how to operate your campervan's elevating roof and Swivel Seat.

To operate the elevating roof, always make sure you have the door open and undo the two straps, easily done as they are spring-loaded. Hold the clip-push right through and push up, now if the door was closed your roof would not go up because of ventilation, secondly with the roof bed up, you can stand up in your vehicle.

The next thing to do is to turn the front swivel seat, there are four bolts, two at the front and two at the back. Undo the bolts & then you see a slit with a peg, make sure the peg is over the slit. To throw one you’d do the same and then you literally push the whole seat towards the cab & then anti-clockwise by passing the armrest and back into the middle again.

The roof is going to be one you better close down first, you’ve got to make sure they have the bungee strap attached in the middle when your closing the roof and you pull the roof down by the two handles in the roof area always pull your bed down first, then your roof afterwards, never the two together. So to close the roof, simply pull your bed down, grab your handles, & it’ll come down nice and slowly, then come all the way down and then we’ve got to strap it together, fold it over in half and then you can tuck everything away.

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Steve James from Denby Campervans shows you how to operate your campervan water tank.

To access local points on the campsites, you always have one on the right-hand side of the vehicle, at the back of the vehicle, and one hook up cable will go into the hook up point there. Filling your water tank is easy, unlock it with the key. You can then fill it with a hose pipe, water can, whichever way you want to do it, and then when it’s full it’s going to be water running from underneath, that’s the overflow from the water tank itself. There is a blue tap under the water tank for letting you drain the water off in winter, or if you want new fresh water again. When you’ve finished filling up always put your cap back on and lock it up, give it a spin you know it’s locked & it’s safe.

How to

Steve James from Denby Campervans shows you how to operate your campervan rock-and-roll bed.

It’s really simple: undo your seat belts, make sure your tab is down the middle, take the tension, pull the handle at the bottom, and push.

To get your bed back up, really simple again, push the button, pull the tab, and come back up with your knees. Your bed system is on the recliners, that can be reclined into three different positions or simply by moving your bar into different positions.

How to

Steve Jones from Denby Campervans shows you how to operate your campervan's power supply.

Holding the button in to turn on and it’s dark obviously as you can see so we put some lights on. Now each light is all independent, so when you’re wild camping only use the lights that you need to use. ok, on the control panel obviously we have the button for the water if you’re going for your tap water press that button, lift your sink up and we have running water. okay we have a fridge obviously for comfort vans and to operate your fridge is a switch down the side, turn the power supply on and see it all illuminated and down the bottom is going to be a temperature control.

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Steve James shows you how to set up your table.

The tables are always on the back doors this is on the tailgate version, we’re sticking off the tailgate, coming into the campervan itself you see the rail on the units, put the table onto the unit, give it a little push, slide the two catches in, drop the leg and your table is set up.