Denby Guide to Campervan Conversion Insurance

Campervan conversion insurance

Looking after your campervan conversion isn’t just about taking care of it yourself. As much as you can keep the seats in pristine condition, buff the wheels until they shine and keep the engine purring, sometimes things go wrong. Despite all the effort you might put in to looking after your camper, events beyond your control can cause damage. Crashes, bumps and scrapes can put all your hard work to waste – and cost you a lot of money! This is where campervan conversion insurance comes into play.

Campervan Insurance

Campervan insurance is not the same as regular car insurance. This is because campervans are fundamentally different vehicles. Not only do campers tend to be much larger than cars (and often vans), but they also serve different purposes. Insurance is based on an understanding of risk. The greatest risk of damage to your car is it being involved in a car accident. The insurance company has calculated the risk of an accident, and how likely they are to need to pay out on your policy – this determines the price you pay. However, a campervan has more uses than just driving. You sleep, cook and potentially live in your camper. This means that there are a lot more potential risks for your insurer to take into account when offering you insurance.

Conversion Insurance – What is the Difference?

A campervan conversion is not the same as a campervan that has been purpose built. This is because you have modified the vehicle. Just as when you apply for car insurance, you will usually be asked whether you have modified the vehicle, converting a van into a campervan is changing the risk profile for the insurer. Specialist campervan conversion insurance is for vehicles that either you – or a specialist converter like us – have made alterations to. This should take into account the alterations that have been made, and include the additional risk.

How Do you Get the Best Deal?

One of the best ways to get a better deal on your campervan conversion insurance is to look for specialist insurance. While you need to get specific campervan insurance anyway, conversion insurance will work out cheaper than trying to find a regular campervan policy that will cover you. Specialist conversion insurance will take into account the changes that have been made to the van. As a result, the different risk profile that the van represents will have been ‘baked into’ the quotation you will receive.

Campervan Conversions from Denby

We are nationwide experts in campervan conversions. We work with you to find the right van for you. This might be an existing van we have for sale – or an entirely new campervan we convert for you. We have the years of experience in making all sorts of additions to vans – whatever you want your van to do, we can fit it for you.

To learn more about our campervans, or to discuss what your van could look like, get in touch today.