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Campervan conversions cheshire

The last few years have taught us that getting out on the open road provides a real sense of freedom. The ability to go where you want, and not have to make too many plans has been sadly restricted over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many people find themselves wanting to make a change in their lifestyles, and get back some of the freedom that they feel they have been missing out on. A campervan is a great way to do this. They allow you to set off wherever you want, knowing that you can stay in comfort wherever you end up. A campervan conversion is one of the most popular ways to do this, as they are designed specifically to your needs. Whatever you need your campervan to have or to do, a conversion can sort it for you.

What is a Campervan Conversion?

A campervan conversion is – as the name suggests, a van that has been converted into a campervan. This can take numerous forms, but is usually a Volkswagen van.

They are developed to your specification, and take into account everything that you need your van to do. For example, some people use their campervan conversions exclusively as a day-van. This means that they don’t need to focus on live-ability, but can instead focus on things like fold out seats, food storage and external awnings. However, a van that is intended for longer habitation – perhaps for long distance travelling, needs a different sort of a focus. This sort of van needs to focus on things like comfortable beds, water storage and usable interior toilets.

Where in Cheshire can I get a Campervan Conversion?

Denby Campervans are experts in Cheshire Campervan Conversions. We are nationwide leaders in making bespoke conversions of campervans – with a local focus. We provide a tailor made service to help you get the perfect campervan conversion for you.

We are located in Leek, Staffordshire.  This puts us in a convenient  location not just for Cheshire, but for campervans in  Staffordshire, Derbyshire and further afield as well.

What Options Should I Consider?

Almost every aspect of a campervan conversion can be altered and varied to match your exact specification and needs. However, there are some major areas that you need to consider before plotting out your perfect campervan conversion.

Roof – a pop up roof can create extra standing space within your campervan. However, a fixed roof can be used for storage, or even additional storage space.

Storage – It depends on how long you are likely to spend in your van. Clever use of storage space inside your van – particularly if you factor in integral storage design – can make a longer stay easier.

Power – There are a range of options for powering your van. This is an opportunity to make your van more eco-friendly if you choose to use solar power.

Seating – Campervan conversions do not need to have fixed seating. They can be used in a flexible way to multiply the potential uses of the seats. Alternatively, fixed seats can be used in flexible ways (such as conversion to a bed).


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