Working from your Campervan Conversion

Digital Nomad

Could you work from a campervan?

Over the past year and a half, millions of people in the UK have found themselves working from home. This has been a big adjustment for many of us. The usual routines of commuting to work, buying lunch at a supermarket and chatting about whose turn it is to do the brew round are gone. Instead, many people have found that working from home provides them with a freedom they had not realised they were lacking. For some people, this sense of freedom has expanded into and combined with the rest of their lives. They have stopped living the traditional way, and have decided to become Digital Nomads.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Social media is full of people who profess to take part in ‘Vanlife’. As it sounds, this is the process of transitioning away from living in one place, and moving towards living nomadically in your converted campervan. Proponents of Vanlife say that they are free from the usual constraints of living in a house, and have the freedom to experience new things. If you combine this with the ability to work from home, you get the Digital Nomad movement. These are people who work from where they are at that point in time. This could be in a café, or shared working space. Or – it could be working from your campervan. A Digital Nomad is someone who takes advantage of technology to live and work in a nomadic lifestyle.

Working from your campervan

Working from a campervan is not necessarily the same as working from home. At home, you are likely to have the space to permanently set up a desk or other working space. In a campervan, no matter how roomy, you are likely to need to either convert space, or set use space that you also use for another purpose. However, this is the disadvantage. Let’s talk about the advantages. If you work from home, you don’t have to struggle with a commute, or the busy town centre. Working from a campervan means that your home can be anywhere you’d like it to be. A park, riverside or any beauty spot around the country. Working from a campervan can even mean working from your bed -if that appeals to you.

What do you need?

There are some things you need to set up working from a campervan and adopting a Digital Nomad lifestyle. This starts, obviously, with the campervan. Not all campervans are always appropriate. You need somewhere you can be comfortable working. Whether you are happy with a comfortable chair and your laptop on your knee, or you need a proper table set up, you need to consider where you will actually work. You really need to consider your internet connection. If you work from a phone hotspot, is this permanently strong enough for all the work you do, or do you need to get a dongle? A high speed dongle connection is not as expensive as it used to be, and can really aid your Digital Nomadism. You also need to consider getting out of the van. Working from a van that you live in can mean you never leave the same small space. Take advantage of the possibilities that Vanlife can bring, and get out for a walk at Lunchtime.

How suitable are Denby Campervan Conversions for working?

At Denby Campervans, we make the conversions that are right for you. If you are thinking of getting set up in Digital Nomadism, talk to us about what you need from your van. Together, we can discuss how to set up the right van space for you, and how to make the most of the Digital Nomad movement.


Get in touch today, and let’s plan out your new lifestyle together.