The Denby Guide to Camping With Children

Camping with children in a hammock

Camping represents different things to different people. For some, it’s a lifestyle. For others, it’s just a nice way to spend a holiday. Either way, campers tend to be united in finding it a freeing way to travel. Having children is not normally considered to be particularly freeing – but is it possible to combine the two? Camping with children is by no means impossible, and can represent a fantastic way to spread your love of the outdoors and the open road to your kids. All you need to get started is a van, some kids and the Denby Guide to Camping with Children.


When you are off on a trip with your children in the camper, you need to consider the differences between travelling with and without children. Children tend to be less patient than adults. Whether that is for snacks, entertainment, or needing the toilet, children don’t tend to hold back when it comes to making their displeasure clear.

The best way to get past this is to plan ahead. Plot a route to your eventual destination that factors in places to go to the toilet. Have a bag of snacks and entertainment ready, so when your kids tell you they’re bored after 10 minutes in the van, you can sort it out quickly.


When you go camping with children, you need to consider what to pack. The easiest answer is lots of clothes. Children get dirty easily. When you go camping, you are likely to be in places where they can get even dirtier, even easier. You aren’t likely to have clothes washing opportunities in the van (or even on the site), so take enough clothes to make sure you don’t need to wash anything.

It is also worth considering how appropriate your camping equipment is for small people. Are your camping chairs too large? Do you have plates and cutlery that is both travel safe and child safe? Make sure that camping doesn’t mean exposing your children to potential risks that you would not at home.


Kids need entertaining. They tend to get bored quicker than adults do. This is something you need to get used to. When you are camping with your kids, you need to consider what you can bring with you from home, and what you might need to get specially for the campervan.

While it might be tempting to assume the kids will just play outside all the time, and you won’t need to entertain them, you can’t make this assumption. If it rains, you’re going to need indoor entertainment. Consider what you can take with you in the van, whether it needs to charge (or batteries),and whether it will stand up to being taken outside.


Not all sites are appropriate for children. You need to consider whether the sites you might have been interested in visiting without kids are suitable when you have brought the children along.

Some campsites are only for adults. This is not necessarily clearly advertised before you book, so check that your children are actually allowed to come with you before you spend anything. Some campsites allow children, but have a strict policy on noise.

Check where your campsite is located – they can be in spectacular locations on the coast, or next to rivers – are these places safe for your kids though?

Campervan Conversions with Denby

When you plan to go camping with children, you need to consider whether your van itself is suitable. Denby Campervans specialise in converting campers to your exact specification. Whether you need additional space for your kids’ stuff – or a pop-up roof to give you that extra bit of headroom with the kids around your feet, we can help.

At Denby, we know that everyone’s campervan needs are different. We build your perfect van with you, so that you get everything you need from your camper. Give us a call, or get in touch online today, and let’s discuss what you need a campervan to do.