5 Campervan Conversion Essentials You Might not have Thought of

Campervan essentials

When embarking on the journey of planning your ideal campervan conversion, it is natural to prioritize the essentials. While opinions may vary on what constitutes a must-have in a campervan, there are fundamental features that most would agree upon a comfortable sleeping area, a functional dining space, a means of cooking, and emergency toilet facilities.

However, a campervan should not be limited to just meeting the bare necessities of life. Thanks to Denby Campervans, you have the opportunity to incorporate innovative additions and enhancements that elevate the van from mere sleeping quarters to a space where you can truly revel in spending your time.

Presented below are five options for your campervan conversion that are poised to revolutionize your experience, elements that you may not have previously considered.

Blinds & Curtains:

The Importance of Privacy and Comfort

Regardless of how comfortable your bed may be, the early morning sun can disrupt your sleep when you’re camping during the summer months. Additionally, privacy is essential for your evening relaxation. Denby offers the solution of blackout blinds or curtains for your campervan’s windows, allowing you to enjoy the level of privacy you desire and indulge in a well-deserved lie-in without being disturbed by the sun’s early rays.


Unleashing a World of Possibilities

The roof of your campervan represents an often untapped realm of possibilities. Denby Campervan conversions, you can truly unleash the potential of your van’s roof to enhance your overall experience.

Elevated and hightop roofs are popular options that provide additional headroom inside the campervan, offering a more spacious and comfortable environment. This extra vertical space not only makes moving around the van more convenient but also transforms the vehicle into an extra sleeping space. Both the high top and elevating roofs offer sleeping space for 2 further people via an elevating roof bed or bed boards.

The roof can also be optimized for other purposes. Depending on your needs, you can consider adding a roof rack system to carry larger items such as kayaks, paddleboards, or bicycles. This allows you to bring along recreational equipment without sacrificing valuable interior space. Furthermore, incorporating a roof-mounted solar panel system can provide a self-sufficient power source, allowing you to charge devices and run appliances while off-grid.

By carefully considering the options available for your campervan’s roof, you can transform it into a multifunctional area that maximizes storage, enhances convenience, and expands your van’s capabilities. The roof becomes an essential part of your campervan’s design, unlocking endless possibilities to tailor your conversion precisely to your lifestyle and travel needs.


Clever Solutions for Organization

Efficient storage solutions are vital in any campervan conversion, whether you embark on occasional day trips or fully embrace the van life. Denby Campervan Conversions are renowned for their clever storage solutions, but there are additional considerations to optimize your storage capabilities further.

One often overlooked aspect is muddy items such as boots, dogs, bikes & kids! After a day of hiking or exploring, the last thing you want is to track mud and dirt inside your pristine campervan. Therefore, why not add a hand shower unit to wash away the dirt maintaining cleanliness and organization in your campervan.

In addition, incorporate a series of storage nets which can be a game-changer. These versatile nets can be installed in various areas of your campervan, such as overhead compartments or side panels. They offer a practical and secure way to store smaller items, preventing them from rattling around while you’re on the move. From books and gadgets to cooking utensils and travel essentials, storage nets keep your belongings neatly organized and easily accessible, minimizing clutter and maximizing your available space.


Embracing the Outdoors, Regardless of Weather

When exploring in your campervan, the allure of the great outdoors beckons, and you likely spend as much time as possible outside. However, given the unpredictable British weather, it is prudent to have a sheltered area to retreat to during those unexpected summer downpours. A wind-out awning extends from your van, providing a shaded and protected space for you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. When the sun reemerges, it easily retracts, allowing you to bask in the sunshine once more. We also offer a range of drive away awnings which extends your living space for the longer stay. Add a multi-rail and the awning can be easily attached and detached giving you the freedom to use your camper to explore.


Versatility for Every Occasion

Consider your seating habits at home—different activities call for different types of chairs. The same principle applies to your campervan. Merely having one designated seating area and table for dining is often limiting. Denby Campervans can diversify your seating options by adding swivel seating. By incorporating swivel seats, you create a variety of potential seating arrangements, enhancing the versatility of your van and accommodating different activities.

Choosing the Right Campervan Conversion for You

If you find yourself unsure about the features you may need in your campervan conversion or struggling to determine what elements are essential, do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Denby, we guide you through the conversion process, ensuring that you select precisely what you desire for your camper’s features and functionality, tailored to your unique preferences and needs.

Destination Freedom

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