5 Campervan Conversion Essentials You Might not have Thought of

When you start to plan out your perfect campervan conversion, you probably think about all the essentials. Not everyone agrees what a campervan needs to have, but most people could identify the basics: somewhere to sleep, somewhere to eat, someway to cook and somewhere to go to the toilet in an emergency. However, a campervan is not just a place for the bare essentials of life. With Denby campervans you can add in all sorts of innovations and additions that transform the van from just somewhere to sleep to a place to enjoy spending time. Here are five options for your campervan conversion that will change your experience that you might not have thought of.


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how comfortable your bed is. If you’re out camping in the summer, you won’t be able to sleep in for long when the sun starts coming up. That’s not to mention the privacy that you want in the evening. Even if you don’t have all the lights on, you don’t want people looking in to your van while you are relaxing. That’s where blackout blinds come in. With Denby, you can add blackout blinds to your van’s windows. You get all the privacy you want, and you can have as much of a lie-in as you want.


Your roof isn’t just the top of your van. It represents a range of possibilities. With a Denby Campervan conversion, your roof can adjust to suit your needs. We offer a range of elevated and lifting roofs to fit in with what you need your van to do. However, that isn’t all that a roof can do. A roof-top storage box represents a great way to add a huge amount of additional storage to your van without needing to cram it all in the van with you.


Whether you are out on an occasional day trip, or into the vanlife for good, you need somewhere to put all your stuff when you are out on the road. Campervan conversions from Denby all come with clever storage solutions. However, there is always more room for storage that you can add in.

For example, have you considered where to keep your dirty shoes? A shoe storage unit allows you to keep your potentially muddy shoes away from your nice clean camper.

You might also consider a series of storage nets. These are an easy way to add versatile storage to your camper. Nets make sure that your possessions don’t rattle around in the van while you are driving.


When you are out and about in your campervan, you don’t spend all of your time inside. In fact, you probably try to spend as much time as you can outdoors. However, with the British weather being as it is, you might need something to cover you when those summer downpours do occur. A wind out awning can extend out from your van to create a shaded and protected area for you to sit under outside – while being easy to wind back in when you want to catch the sun.


Do you always sit in the same place at home, regardless of what you are doing? You probably have different sorts of chairs for different reasons. The same can be true of your campervan. You don’t only want one place to sit and eat. With a Denby Campervan Conversion, you don’t have to. An easy way to include additional, versatile seating to your van is with swivel seating. Set up a variety of potential seating options with moving swivel seats from Denby.

Getting the Right Conversion for you

If you are uncertain what you might need in your campervan conversion, or you can’t decide what is important, get in touch with us. At Denby, we talk you through the process, so you can choose exactly what you want your camper to have,  and what you want it to do.

Let’s chat about what you want from a campervan and how Denby Campervans can help you achieve that.