Reimo roofs are manufactured in Germany, and over the past 30 years Reimo have established themselves as Europe’s leading manufacturer. All Reimo products are constructed from the highest grade materials and are proven to last the tests of time.

The slim-line design adds approximately around 3 inches to normal van height, which allows access to most car parks.

The Reimo hydraulic system allows your roof to operate very easily – just push it up or pull it down.

The Reimo roof adds valuable space and enhances comfort.

The REIMO elevating roof is fully lined, and has a zip-down panel and fly-screen vent on each side. There is an arched clear vinyl panel at the front and a zipped canvas cover.

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Versatile Reimo Campervan Roofs

Reimo slim line elevating roofs can be fitted to the Volkswagen T6 and T6.1 vehicles. Please get in touch to find out if Reimo roofs are also available for your campervan.

For Prices on a fully fitted Reimo elevating roof please enquire:

  • VW T6
  • VW T6.1
  • Please get in touch to find out if your campervan is compatible.
Small Blue Van

Denby Freedom Elevating Roof

Price on Application

Available Options include:

Colour Coding

Gel Based colours

Other colours including Metallic

Elevating Roof Bed

Bed Boards

Elevating Roof Image

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Campervan Rooftop Conversions

Denby Campervan roofs are a sleek and stylish addition to your camper, offering a tonne of benefits thanks to their versatility and function.

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