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VW Camper Conversions

VW Camper Conversions

We at Denby understand better than most that everyone uses their VW campervans in different ways; a one size fits all approach to VW camper conversions may not provide you with the campervan of your dreams. The types of VW camper conversions that will suit you depend entirely on how you use your camper. For example, if your van will be used for long term trips, or if you plan to spend time in the camper, then you may enjoy extras such as complete entertainment systems and solar panels. From the initial aesthetics down to the finer design details, we can cater to your campervan preferences.

The Denby Range of VW Camper Conversions

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VW Camper Conversions

We at Denby are the specialists when it comes to VW camper conversions, whatever you have in mind. Our different VW camper conversions come with a choice of finishes and upholstery, from subtle and natural colours, to bold and eye-catching shades like cyan blue and fuchsia, and we have an extensive range of extras and accessories to choose from.

To complete our VW camper conversions, we offer a choice of campervan roofs. Both the high top roofs and elevating roofs have their merits, but again this is something that comes down to your personal preferences. Some people prefer a high top roof as it gives extra space inside the camper, without letting out too much warmth; this makes them ideal for year round campervan trips. Having said this, many people do prefer an elevating roof as they prefer the way their camper looks and handles on the roads with a standard height roof. 

Call Us for More Information on VW Camper Conversions

If you are unsure on any of the features you are considering for your VW campervan, then please do get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to offer any help and advice you may need when making your choice. Furthermore, you are welcome to visit us in Staffordshire to view our campers for yourself, and get a better idea of what features you might want for your camper. For your peace of mind, we are insurance approved, and each of our VW camper conversions comes with a 12 month warranty as well as a Denby Campervans badge.