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Campervan Conversions

No one understands campervans better than Denby. We’ve become the business experts in providing bespoke tailor-made campervan conversions for a variety of purposes. Whatever you’re looking for, Denby can tailor a design to meet your requirements and budget.

Here at Denby, we provide campervan conversion services for a van your already own or a blank canvas you’ve acquired directly from us. Our team of skilled designers transform your vehicle into whatever you need it to be. Denby Campervans have been used as weekend campers, vehicles for people who frequently travel overnight, work and recreational as well as vessels for family or solo long holidays.

Alternatively, if there isn’t a van in our stock that matches your criteria. You can list your specifications and we’ll try to source this for you. At Denby Campervans we specialise in the conversions of Volkswagen campers, however, we also provide conversions for other big-name manufacturers such as Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Renault, Peugeot.

Our Campervan Conversion Service

Every campervan should be individual to the owner and that’s exactly what you get from Denby Campervans! Our customers receive the precise vehicle they need as our designers work with you every step of the way. Our campervan conversions come with a huge choice of finishes and upholstery. From bold and bright finishes that catch the eye to subtle or natural finishes which have hidden classic appeal. There is something for every motorist at Denby.

In addition to our conversion packages, we offer a 12-month warranty and an extensive range of interior, exterior and roofing extras and accessories.

Our Range of Campervan Conversion Packages


The Balmoral campervan conversions are one of our most popular packages and it’s not hard to see why!  As a complete side conversion, the Balmoral package is capable of transforming a variety of vans into a fully functioning camper.

Whether you use your camper for occasional weekend breaks, or for regular use. Balmoral campervan conversion package offers everything you may need to travel and relax in comfort. This conversion comes with our signature rock and roll beds with 2x three-point seat belts. So, you’ll get a comfortable bed and a great night’s sleep, without compromising the functionality of the camper! As well as relaxing in comfort and style, you can cook and wash up with an installation of a SMEV 2 Burner gas hob and SMEV sink. Combine this with tables and side kitchen units made of a laminated ply of your choice and your new camper will offer, sleeping, cooking, cleaning and relaxing capabilities. Creating a home from home when on the road

The Balmoral campervan conversion is ideally suited for both LWB and SWB vans. Find out more about the Balmoral package here.


The Buckingham camper conversion has everything you’ll need in a campervan! With two single beds which form from the front and rear sets. A fully functioning kitchen with fridge, sink and hob, plus a flushing toilet. Creating a home within your van.

The Buckingham campervan conversion is designed with comfort in mind. It features hardwood ply lined, insulated and carpeted sides making it easy to keep clean. This conversion package is widely available to a range of top brand manufacturers. For more information and a list of vans, this conversion can be applied to see here.

Day Van & Kombi

Our Day Van and Kombi campervan conversions are perfect for those looking for specific modifications. Day Van and Kombi have everything you need for a weekend or extended break in a compact conversion.

This conversion comes with a fully lined interior, hardwood floor covered with vinyl, compact kitchen units, laminated table, full-width bed and custom curtains. Day Van and Kombi can be fitted with a range of extras, find out more about the conversion package and extras here.

Denby Weekender

As the name suggests the Denby Weekender is perfect for weekend jaunts! Fitted with a full-width bed, kitchen unit, complete with dual hob and sink and a fully lined interior. The Denby Weekender is designed to create a compact, but high standard campervan conversion.

Custom made curtains and a range of finishing touch options mean that you can tailor the look of your Denby Weekender to your needs. Take a look at our Denby Weekender page for more information here.

Olympian Sportsmobile

The Olympian Sportsmobile was created from the need to store large sports equipment, whilst also having an area to sleep, cook and relax. It’s an incredibly versatile conversion option for those in need of rear garage space as well as a multitude of campervan facilities. You can choose options such as double beds, sink, hob, fridge and a hot shower which will be much appreciated after a long and tiring day!

If your sport requires storage when on the road, then this is the ideal campervan conversion for you. We can tailor your van and storage space to your needs, so see here for details.


Campervan Conversion Extras and Options

Denby Campervans are specialists in campervan conversions, and we know that each adventurer has their own specific features they require. Our aim is to facilitate and make your van as complete, comfortable and high performing vehicle as possible. As well as the list of conversion packages above there are a range of additional extras our customer's add-on. Some of our most popular include mini grills, electric steps, fridges, water heaters, alloy wheels, entertainment systems and extras for sports equipment such as bike racks and tow bars.

Additional to our conversion packages, Denby is renowned for our roof conversions such as our elevating/ pop top and high-top roofs. Which are crafted to the highest quality to give you more space and freedom when moving around your van.

Get in Touch with Denby Campervans for Campervan Conversions

If you’d like to know more about our campervan conversions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Denby Campervans today. We’re more than happy to offer any help and advice you may need when making your choice.

Campervan showroom

We pride ourselves on the high level of service that we supply so in addition to our website you are welcome to visit us in Staffordshire to view our campers for yourself. On the edge of the Peak District at our showroom, you’ll get a better idea of what features you might want for your camper.