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VW T6 Pop Top Roof

VW Pop Top Roof

Are you looking for accessories for your Volkswagen T6 campervan this year that’re practical, sleek, and affordable? Try a VW T6 pop top roof and discover the many benefits that comes with these fantastic products! 

Here at Denby Campervans, we have been established for decades and know what it takes to take your campervan to the next level – simply with our expertise and functional accessories, you can have a campervan that is better than you ever imagined…

Why Have a VW T6 Pop Top Roof?

With the Volkswagen T5 and T6 increasing in popularity, a VW T6 pop top roof is just what you need to make yours shine out from all the rest along with a useful accessory on your travels…

Inspired from the idea of being able to stand up in your campervan and cook dinner or stretch your legs no matter the weather, our pop top roofs are cleverly designed with weather resistant material, quality materials, stylish linings, and are easy to use. Combine these benefits with the fact that they have incredible value for money and no campervan is complete without a VW T6 pop top roof!

Just imagine the things you could do with a pop top roof installed… If its raining on your travels you will still be able to stand without getting wet, and you wont have to worry about the roof getting damaged. 

To make our roofs even more impressive, each one can be colour matched to suit your campervan and can even have light lining installed for a totally unique feature. 

Contact to Arrange a VW T6 Pop Top Roof

Whatever you need a VW T6 pop top roof for, we guarantee our fantastic supply will not let you down…To make sure you get the absolute best service with us we will install your roof for you in time for summer, which you can arrange by contacting us – our team are quick and flexible, so you’ll be ready to get set and go in no time!