VW T6 elevating roofs are becoming a popular way to upgrade your campervan this summer due to the extra space, storage, and unique appearance.

Here at Denby Campervans, we think there is nothing better than having an elevating roof that allows you to stand up and cook breakfast whilst you relax in the beautiful countryside. With so much experience in the campervan roof industry, let our fantastic team help you to pick a roof that suits your requirements, and you’ll have a campervan experience that family and friends will love.

See and Feel the Benefits of a VW T6 Elevating Roof

Whether you are taking a visit to the Mediterranean coast, relaxing at a festival with friends, or you’re planning a road trip around the countryside, installing a VW T6 elevating roof will be the ideal final addition for your summer adventures to create ultimate space.

There are two types of elevating roofs that you can choose from us… Try our own Denby brand which includes quality materials, strong frames, and easy installation all designed and manufactured by us. Or, try the fantastic Remio roofs which are the leading manufacture of the VW T6 elevating roof! This brand uses a slim line frame and a hydraulic system for easy access and will give you that added comfort you’re looking for.

Contact Us About a Premium VW T6 Elevating Roof

Like most Volkswagen campervans, the size and shape are different depending on your model… We can create a VW T6 elevating roof that suits your campervan perfectly, and we can even supply for other models such as the T5 and Transporter. To know more information about how our team installs your roof, simply give us a call and we can start to get the wheels in motion.

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