As well as providing a gorgeous range of quality new and used campervans, we at Denby also specialise in offering VW conversions for sale. With decades of expertise in the campervan industry, we’ve a fantastic understanding of what our customers expect from their campers. As such, we’ve designed a range of VW conversions for sale. This allows us to ensure that your home from home is perfectly tailored to you.

vw conversions for sale


VW Conversions for Sale – Perfect for Your 2017 Holidays

Owning a campervan really allows you to make the most out of your leisure time. It gives you freedom to be spontaneous with your weekend getaways; they can also accommodate you for longer term trips. The VW campervan conversions for sale here at Denby have been carefully designed by our experts. They offer you all the facilities you could need for your 2017 holidays and day trips.

If you will be taking most of your breaks over weekends, we personally recommend the Denby Weekender from our range of VW conversions for sale. Furthermore, it can be tailored to your specific needs, but generally includes beds, a compact kitchen, and laminated table set.
For longer trips, we can recommend our Balmoral conversion. This is a complete conversion, with everything you need for longer holidays. It can also be customised, but will usually include beds, a kitchen, toilet, water tank, and a high top or elevating roof.

Contact Us for Quality VW Conversions for Sale

You can find full details on the range of different conversions available here. We also have a list of our extensive customisation options which you can view here. If you need any help or advice at all when making your selection, please don’t hesitate to call us for assistance. Additionally, you can find more information on our VW conversions for sale here, in our conversion guide.