Camping has always been a huge part of my life growing up! Most school holidays we’d pack the car and go camping for the week or a weekend. Come rain or shine we’d head out into the outdoors, sitting, chatting and enjoying our time under the stars!

I have always enjoyed camping and now I get the opportunity, as my mum and dad with me to take the kids. Although we camped in a tent – nowadays the family loves piling into our Volkswagen campervan. A great runner, reliable and comfortable our camper eats up the miles on the motorway, but its not all plain sailing.

The first and probably the most common question we get asked is: “how do you all fit?” and I won’t lie it can be tough, but with planning and years of experience, it’s a piece of cake.

So here is an insight into the camping adventures we go on in our Volkswagen campervan and our guide to campervanning with kids to keep them entertained and ready for the great outdoors. As we want you can experience the same thrill we get when we head out with the kids.

How to get the Best out of your Volkswagen Campervan

Campervanning with the kids sounds idyllic but it requires a lot of planning before you set off. Everyone always talks about the scenic views and wonderful places you visit. However, there are a lot of dull motorways and traffic jams in between.

There’s so much to love about camping in a Volkswagen Campervan with the kids. So here are a few tips we’ve learnt along the way to keep spirits and morale high on the road.


It comes to no surprise that space in our Volkswagen campervan can be tight, but it all depends on how clever you are when you’re packing. A long trip with a full camper can be tricky so, minimal packing is key! I’m guilty of overpacking and I’ve made that mistake so take it from me you don’t need 4 pairs of shoes.

Some of the clothes you pack will depend on where you’re going but it’s safe to say if you’re camping in the UK, you’ll need waterproofs and all-weather clothing! So, assuming you are camping in the UK, the essentials are; a raincoat or all-weather clothing, wellies, walking boots, shorts, jeans and a warm jumper.

Another tip is to pack a washing line and washing tablets – and we take every opportunity to do a bit of laundry.

Plan where you’re going to Stay

There are hundreds of campsites across the UK and Europe with fun activities for kids and they are key for a pleasant trip. If there isn’t anything for the kids to do in and around the campsite it can be difficult to keep a smile on their faces. Amenities such as a swimming pool, parks, games rooms, sports facilities are not only fun for you and the kids but a great chance for them to make friends.

Know the Area

Camping is all about exploring new places and getting out and about on foot. If you need to drive 30 minutes or so to the nearest attraction it defeats the point a little. Not only that if you’ve spent time setting up your little campsite as your home from home, with lights, awning, pop up table etc and then have to pack it all away every time you head out, but you’re also wasting valuable holiday time.

This jumps on the previous point but a little bit of prior planning and researching the campsite and the local area means you’ll know all the nearest spots for a coffee, ice cream, activities, attractions and more without tearing down your camp.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

As much as camping is a perfect opportunity to break away from technology, that doesn’t mean you have to go completely off the grid. Kids are still kids at the end of the day and a little bit of technology in the downtime doesn’t hurt. We like to pack an ‘entertainment box’, which we like to fill with games, books, toys and so on. If the weather takes a turn and you’re stuck in your campervan a bit of tech can be a lifesaver.

Must pack Items

As we’ve mentioned space is limited in a Volkswagen campervan and clever packing is pivotal. One thing we learnt on the road is to pack pop up tent. You’re probably wondering why we need a tent in a campervan?

A pop-up tent is a perfect home for bulky items that to de-clutter the van when you’re parked up. Items such as car seats, pushchairs, bikes/ scooters, foldable chairs, sports gear, dirty washing, muddy wellies or wet clothes can all be safely stored inside the tent.

Enjoy yourself

The best tip we can give is, make it fun, enjoyable and memorable. Start by limiting your journey times. Short journeys make it less stressful for the driver and the kids appreciate smaller journeys.

Secondly, make it flexible. Home life is often a routine with set bedtimes, mealtimes or curfews. Camping is all about being flexible, fun and embracing the freedom of the great outdoors. We’re not saying you should abandon all the rules and turn camping into a Lord of the Flies’ experience, but a couple of late nights under the stars isn’t the end of the world.

You’re on holiday and you’re out to make memories so make the most out of your valuable time with your family – and let a Volkswagen campervan be the vehicle to help!

Discover all the Wonderful Qualities a Volkswagen Campervan has

We love campervanning with our kids! It takes me back to my childhood days and its brilliant chance to see the world, experiencing the cultures of the area you are in whilst escaping modern comforts at home!

If you’d like to know more about our Volkswagen campervans and customising them for a weekend or week away with the kids, please speak to Denby Campervans. Whether you’re seeing more of Britain or heading into Europe – our T5 & T6 VW campervans have helped countless families make lasting memories that have brought them together.

We love sharing our customer’s stories so if you’ve purchased one of our campervans and have lots pictures of your adventure – please share them with us and we’ll publish them all over our social media pages.

We have recently written a blog on the packing essentials for a campervan. So, if you feel like this has helped you with your next trip why not take a look at that one too.