Stunning Balmoral Camper Conversion

Interested in one of our campervans for sale, but want more information about what we can offer? Take a closer look at one of our most recent campervans – a Balmoral conversion – to see an example of our exceptional workmanship. Here we took a VW Transporter and fitted it with a full Balmoral camper conversion, with elevating roof and 18” alloy wheels. It now has a very happy new owner!
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The Balmoral Camper Conversion

The Balmoral campervan gives you a fully equipped campervan, and usually includes rock & roll bed, kitchen units, gas hob, fridge and Porta Potti 335 – although the exact specifications can be decided by you. A roof conversion can also be fitted and here we give you the choice between elevating or high top. Other extras include water heaters, oven grills, alloy wheels, dvd player and speakers. We can tailor our campervans to your specifications to give you your dream camper.

balmoral campervan interiorBalmoral Camper van rearBalmoral Campervans For Sale

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Here at Denby Campervans we’re experts at supplying camper conversions and VW campervans for sale, and offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. Our campervans for sale are available in a wide range of vehicle types and come with either a conversion type as standard, or a choice of conversion. We’re incredibly versatile with our conversions though and we can discuss with you the best conversion for your needs. We also offer free upgrades on some of our vehicles, so keep your eyes peeled for our offers. Browse through our selection of VW campervans for sale, to see what we can offer you. Our stock is constantly changing so if you’re interested  in any of our campervans, then please get in touch with a member of our team.

4 Reasons to Choose A Camper Conversion

Here at Denby Campervans we are unrivalled experts in VW Camper Conversions. All of our conversions are carried out on our Staffordshire site by our expert craftsmen. The VW Transporter High Top and the VW T5 elevating roof are two of the most popular products at our site and with good reason. In this blog we explore the many ways a VW Camper Conversion can benefit you.

Camper Conversion

A VW Camper Conversion is Cheaper Than You Think!

Prices vary massively in the motorhomes market but the vast majority of the time it’s a cheaper option to convert your existing campervan. At Denby Campervans we specialise in VW and VW T5 Conversions and pride ourselves on the quality and affordability of this service. Whether you want your existing campervan converting or one already built we can provide you with your perfect vehicle. The nature of the VW Conversion market also means your vehicle will retain its value over time after production of the VW Camper sadly ended.

The V5 Camper Conversion Offers Massive Customisability & Personalisation Options

Once Denby has completed your campervan conversion it will be totally unique to you. Our extensive range of accessories and options means you can customise your converted VW to your hearts content. You want to keep the seats but want a different kitchen? No problem. Denby stocks hundreds of accessories and offers enough options to ensure your VW Conversion is a true reflection of yourself. Our elevated roof service will also provide you with enough space for maximum comfort.

Unbeatable Freedom and Reliability With a VW Camper Conversion

The VW Camper and T5 Conversions are still massively popular amongst due to the freedom they offer, its iconic image and distinguished reliability. The nature of the VW Camper means you can travel at any time of year and save a fortune on accommodation costs. Whether you fancy a weekend city break, a day trip to the beach or seclusion in the Highlands your VW Conversion will provide you with the perfect platform to do so.

A VW T5 Conversion isn’t Just for Holidays…

Your converted campervan can even become a handy addition to your own home acting as a spare bedroom, home office or even a hotel room to provide you with an extra bit of income. The VW Transporter High Top we have for sale offers the largest amount of room should you require maximum space. It can even be used as an extra storage area. The possibilities are endless!

Contact Us About Camper Conversions

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now or visit us at our Staffordshire site for a chat with one of our friendly team.

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