Autumn has arrived. And what a beautiful season it is! Despite the cooling temperatures and shorter days, as we make our way through the coming months the world around us will begin to change in an explosion of colour. But when it comes to campervanning in Autumn it can be decidedly more difficult to handle the transition – mainly due to the colder, more unpredictable weather! 

But if you’ve caught the bug and are chomping at the bit to get out and about in your van, check out our handy guide to autumn campervanning. You can also get your hands on our free PDF Autumn Campervanning Checklist here.

Preparation Is The Key To Success

We all know the old saying: ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. And a successful campervan trip throughout autumn hinges on decent preparation. We don’t like to catastrophize, but when planning your van trip it’s best to pack what you need, and a little bit extra just in case you find yourself in a position of needing emergency supplies. We’re talking more clothes, food, blankets and (of course) water than you need, just to be sure.

In recent times, we have experienced some extreme weather throughout the seasons, especially in autumn and winter. For the seasoned campervanner, planning your route may seem a little unnecessary, but it’s worth knowing some key areas on your way that will provide a safe stopover point should stormy weather or even flooding occur. And while technology may be a wonderful thing, don’t rely on it! Make sure you pop in a paper map or A-Z before heading off on your travels – you never know when your smartphone or satnav may decide not to play ball!

Stay Cosy

Hitting the road and going wherever it may take you is a fantastically freeing adventure that provides a welcome change from the 9-5 life – but it’s no fun if you’re freezing cold. If your campervan has heating, then this will help you to stay warm but don’t forget the basics either. Before you set off be sure to stock up your van with hot water bottles, hand warmers, socks, hats, sleeping bags and extra blankets to make sure everyone stays cosy.

It’s much easier to take off a layer if you get hot than find a layer you haven’t got, so over prepare when it comes to staying warm. And don’t forget waterproof clothing and wellies for during the day time – no one likes sitting around in cold clothing after a downpour, even if you are propping up a bar at a nearby local!

Upgrade Your Campervan

A campervan conversion can be a gamechanger for your adventures throughout the year. For example, our Denby Balmoral Camper Conversion includes side kitchen units with Tambour Space Saving doors to make cooking a breeze and a comfy rock & roll bed for an even cosier nights sleep. And our Denby Weekender can be installed with a compact kitchen unit with a dual hob and sink to make cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner less of a hassle and more of a delicious occasion. 

We are also able to fit a range of options you may not have considered before, such as an elevating or high-top roof, awning, cycle racks, heating and more! To speak to us about upgrading your campervan today then give us a call on 01538 382568 or email us with your requirements.

Have Fun!

At the end of the day, getting out and about in your campervan is all about having a fun and relaxing time. And with a little bit of planning and heaps of enthusiasm you can be sure to enjoy the trip of a lifetime whatever the time of year!

[Download the Autumn Campervanning Checklist here!]