A Denby elevating roofs for a VW campervan adds an extra dynamic and level of comfort when you reach your destination after a long journey. Some people find vans claustrophobic especially after you’ve been in them for a while. So, an elevating roof is just the trick for more headroom and an overall homelier feel. Because ultimately that is what your campervan is for.

Elevating roofs are a great added addition to our campervans and our customers agree as it’s one of our most popular conversion options. Below we’ll outline a few reasons why you should say yes to an extendable roof for those who are still sat on the fence.

A Few Reasons for Choosing Elevating Roofs

To start with as we previously mentioned elevating roofs offer additional space which the roofs biggest advantage! The extendable roof makes moving around the van when parked up much easier. Cooking, washing up, getting ready and relaxing are just a few of the advantages when staying in the van.

Our elevating is flexible, compact and aerodynamic. When arriving at your destination your roof will be up and read in a matter of seconds. Additionally, as simple as the roof goes up it just as easily goes down. Some customers wonder when the roof down it looks a bit glaring but the simple answer is no! Denby elevating roofs are compact and only stand a little above the existing body. This allows them to be more aerodynamic and eliminating drag.

Finally, our elevating roofs are made from tenting materials, which makes them extremely ventilated but not at all drafty.

Get in Touch for Elevating Roofs and More

If you would like to know more about our Denby elevating roofs and the compatibility with certain vehicles, please get in touch with our team today. If you prefer face to face advice, we have a new showroom open to the public just outside of the Peak District in Leek.