4 Reasons To Take A Campervan Staycation in 2020

It seems that summer 2020 isn’t totally lost! According to the UK government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy, from 4th July campsites and caravan parks will be allowed to open. While the same can’t be said for Scotland and Wales just yet (Scotland has set an indicative date of 15th July for the reopening of tourism and hospitality businesses and there is no proposed date in Wales yet), it’s safe to say that the possibility of some kind of summer holiday this year is within reach.

And we couldn’t be happier about it! Which is why, in this article we’re going to look at 6 reasons why a campervan staycation could be just the thing to kickstart your summer 2020 plans. Read on!

Reasons To Take A Campervan Staycation This Summer

Admittedly, we don’t quite yet know what the conditions will be on the reopening of caravan parks and camping sites. Presumably social distancing will be in force and there may be restrictions on facilities. But there’s no doubt that a reopening of these spaces even to a small degree will be fantastic not only for families and UK holiday makers but the tourism industry too.

You Have Everything You Need

With a campervan, you have everything you need in one place. From a place to sleep to a place to cook, campervan conversions are the perfect choice for a no fuss family holiday. Even better, with your own kitchen and bedrooms there’s no need to spend any more time than you need to in crowded public spaces, or queuing unnecessarily. Instead, everything is at your fingertips and you are free to enjoy the great outdoors as much as you like.

You Can Support Local Tourism

Taking a holiday is the number one form of escapism. We break away from our routines and take off to a far flung place to forget about work and the daily grind. But have you ever really explored the opportunities for holidaying on or near your doorstep?

Of course, we don’t mean camping overnight on your driveway – although that can always feel like a great adventure for kids. We’re talking about areas nearby that you haven’t yet explored, such as campsites, green spaces, walks and visitor attractions.

We can guarantee that there’s probably more than you think within a stone’s throw of your home. And with a campervan you can hop in at a moment’s notice and head off to explore, no planning ahead or navigating the crowds necessary!

You Can Explore New Areas

If you have always taken your holidays abroad, then you’re missing out on the gorgeous locations we have right here in the UK. Even better, with a campervan you can change up your route at the drop of a hat, take a detour, or just go off grid for a few weeks on a magical mystery tour.

Taking a staycation in the campervan gives you the freedom to truly explore. As long as you have food in the fridge, some warm clothes and a smile on your face, you have everything you need to dive headfirst into the unknown and discover somewhere totally new. What are you waiting for?

You Can Be Totally Flexible

No waiting around at the airport. No lost luggage. No delayed flights. No disappointments.

A campervan offers a totally flexible holiday – whenever you want it. What’s more, following your initial investment, it’s always ready and waiting ready to go. Whether you’re a lone wolf who enjoys the solitude of the great outdoors or an energetic family looking for your next thrill, a campervan offers endless adventure at the drop of a hat.

Campervans For Sale & Campervan Conversions from Denby

So, what’s the verdict? Now we know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, will you be considering a campervan holiday this year? If so, we have a wide range of campervans for sale here at Denby Campervans and we’d be happy to help you find the right one for you. Our current range of campervans for sale are all available with our iconic Balmoral campervan conversion, your choice of elevating or high top roof, and a wide range of optional extras to help you put your stamp on it.

To find out more about campervan conversions and campervans for sale at Denby, contact us today. At present, we are arranging viewings of our vans on an appointment only basis and would be happy to book you in at a time of your choosing to discuss your requirements, so give us a call on 01538 382568 or email to get started.


Ilusion XMR 590 Exterior

Ilusion Motorhomes Now Available From Denby Campervans

At Denby Campervans, not only are we ardent fans of campervan conversions and VW campervans, we also offer a range of other motorhomes for sale, along with campervan conversions for all types of vans too! In fact, we are proud to now be the sole UK distributor for Ilusion Caravaning! In this blog, we’ll give you a first look at the XMK series from Ilusion Caravaning and give you details on how you can find out more with our team.

About Ilusion Caravaning

Ilusion Caravaning is a manufacturer of compact motorhomes. Based in Spain, this is the first time their motorhomes will be available in the UK, and we are so excited to be a part of that. As the sole distributor for the manufacturer here, Denby Campervans is the only place in the country at present you will be able to get your hands on motorhomes created by Ilusion. And we’re here to give you the first look at the Ilusion Caravaning motorhomes that you can buy from us at the moment.

XMK Series

The XMK Series of motorhomes are the most compact on the market at present. Not only that, they come with a wide range of features that are well-suited to van life. Inside each model you will find a fully fitted kitchen kitted out with soft-closing drawers, 150-litre AES fridge and an oven/grill.

Ilusion XMR 590 Hob And Sink

As well as this, the Ilusion XMK features both direct and indirect LED lighting, 5 seats, diesel heating, and anti-vibration systems within the furniture. All upholstery is also treated with a Protech stain-resistant finish to safeguard against spills. This high quality finish ensures every journey is a pleasure, with comfort at the top of the priority list.

Interior of the Ilusion XMR 590 Interior

And the outside is just as impressive. One of the biggest benefits of an Ilusion motorhome is how compact it is. The low-profile body of each vehicle in the XMK series features a slightly rounded profile for improved aerodynamics, as well as to prevent water from accumulating on the roof.

Ilusion XMR 590 Exterior

XMK Models Available From Denby

The XMK range features 12 models, which range between 5.99m in length to 7.40m. The 590 sits at 5.99m long and features a half-dinette lounge complete with electric drop down bed. The 590FT is similar to the 590, however the key difference between these two modes is the rear U-shaped lounge which takes the place of the fixed bed.

Interior of the Ilusion 590ft motorhome

Other models include the 590L (which features rear bunk beds), 690 and 740 (both with fixed single beds), 695 and 730 (with island beds), and the six-berth 760 which also features rear bunk beds.

Interior Of Ilusion 590Ft Motorhome

To see the Ilusion Motorhome range in more detail and learn more about its unique features, click here. 

Affordable, High-Quality Motorhomes

We chose to represent Ilusion Motorhomes here in the UK because we’re passionate about giving our customers excellent quality motorhomes and campervans at fair prices. For over 20 years we have committed our time and energy to creating stunning bespoke campervan conversions and VW campervans for our clients. Now, we are pleased and excited to branch out to providing these new high-quality motorhomes too.

To see our current range of vehicles for sale, head over to the campervans for sale page. There you will find a complete collection of the campervans and motorhomes we have on sale currently, along with full specifications and prices. Alternatively, contact our team today to have a chat about how we can help you kickstart a conversion of your current campervan or find out what we can do to source the campervan you’ve been dreaming of…