Sharing Good News From The Van Life Community

Sharing Good News From The Van Life Community

There is no doubt that everything feels a little strange at the moment. Normally around this time of year, we are heading off for Easter breaks, enjoying some much needed R&R times with friends and family. Sadly, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, this isn’t possible. But it is amazing to see the ways in which communities, both local, virtual and nationwide, are responding to the ongoing situation with compassion, empathy, and creativity.

As you will know, at Denby Campervans we made the decision to close our showroom until the lockdown is lifted. This was a necessary step to protect our staff, customers and the community. And while it breaks our hearts that we can’t be there to help you decide on a new campervan or campervan conversion right now, we know this is only temporary and by complying with the government’s guidelines we will be back in operation sooner, rather than later.

Amazing Community Initiatives

Amazing Community Initiatives

While we have stepped away from the showroom, we have been keeping an eye on the van life and campervan communities on social media. And we have been happily surprised and overwhelmed by the wonderful ways in which people are supporting each other during this period of uncertainty. Here we give a rundown of the best initiatives we’ve seen so far.

Big Little Tent Festival

As we approach festival season, many of us will be feeling a little bit sad that our favourites are cancelled. But the Caravan and Motorhome Club have stepped in to help us bring those festival vibes to our home.

The Big Little Tent Festival is a festival that everyone can enjoy (entry free) from the comfort of their own home. Made for little and big campers, caravanners and motorhomes alike, all you have to do to get involved is pitch up your tent in the back garden and download the Big Little Tent Festival pack.

The downloads pack features a whole range of activities for all ages. From colour-your-own festival wristbands to bunting, puzzles and the Big Little Tent Festival Challenge, everything you find in there can be done from your own gardens and it’s a perfect way to keep the little ones entertained while they are at home.

Big Little Tea Time Festival

Another initiative from the Caravan and Motorhome Club is the Big Little Tea Time Festival. If you have a campervan or motorhome there’s no doubt you’ve probably looked out forlornly out at your campervan over the last few weeks. Well, the Big Little Tea Time Festival is a way to get your van fix without leaving your driveway.

Every Wednesday until the end of April 2020, the Caravan and Motorhome Club are encouraging van owners to step out of their homes and into their vans and have dinner (on the driveway of course) inside.

If you take part in the Big Little Tea Time Festival you can share your snaps on social media using the hashtag #BLTF20. There’s also a download on the website that features a range of recipes including ‘Martin’s Easy-Peasy Lockdown Burgers’ as well as helpful hints and tips to help you stay in touch with friends and family during isolation.

Big Little Tent Festival

Tentival 2020 by Tentshare

This one has been and gone but it’s worth a mention. On Saturday 4th April, Tentshare held Tentival, the world’s first virtual camping festival. From 10am until sundown people from all over the UK could log on to Zoom and enjoy live music from a range of artists (performing remotely from home). Throughout the duration of the festival there was fun, games, and competitions taking place to create that whole festival experience – without having to pay an arm and a leg for a burger and a drink!

Emergency Accommodation for NHS & Key Workers

Quirky Campers are a well known company that hires campervans to holiday makers throughout the year. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Quirky Campers have grounded all of their campervans until the end of April, however they are offering campervan hire at a reduced rate to NHS staff and key workers who need emergency accommodation.

This is just one example of how communities and businesses are adapting to what is happening and using their resources to support those who are working on the frontline to keep everyone safe.

The Motoroamers’ Well-Being Resource Library

It goes without saying that living in lockdown isn’t easy for most of us. We are so used to seeing our family and friends whenever we want and, as social creatures, we crave contact with others.

In response to this, full time roamers, Myles and Karen, have created The Motoroamers’ Well-Being Resource Library. These videos have found a home on their YouTube channel (which you can find here) and include short videos on keeping fit and looking after your health and wellbeing through Covid.

Raising Money For Charity with the Great British Camp-Out

Masterminded by Ian Alcorn from Nottinghamshire, the Great British Camp Out saw thousands of people take to their campervans, tents and even their front rooms to raise money for the NHS. Everyone who took part was asked to donate a £2 ‘pitch fee’ to Ian’s JustGiving page to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

The event was a huge success with people sharing their photographs on social media as they took part in quizzes, yoga classes and enjoyed a virtual concert from Richard Howell!

Ian intends to keep this campaign running, with over £100,000 raised at the time of writing!

Keeping In Touch With Social Media

Keeping In Touch

Social media is such a wonderful thing, especially at this time. It is vital for helping us to stay in touch and connect with like-minded people all over the world. During this time, we’re using social media to keep up to date with the latest information and get our van life fix as and when we can.

If you would like to keep in touch with us on social media, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As you can see, the whole community is pulling together at this time doing wonderful things to stop the spread, support key workers and raise money for charity. We sincerely hope that you are keeping well, and if you happen to see anything we haven’t mentioned in this blog that you think we may be interested in, let us know!


A Brief History of VW Campervans

A Brief History of VW Campervans

In 1947, a Dutch importer named Ben Pon was working at a Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. While he was there, he took note of the motorized trolleys (made from stripped down Beetle chassis) that were being used to transport parts around the factory. This innovative design caught both his eye and imagination, so he started to sketch. The end result? A drawing of a Beetle-based van.

A year later, on 1st January 1948, Heinz Heinrich Nordhoff was appointed Managing Director of the Wolfsburg Volkswagen plant. This move brought great change to Volkwagen. In his first year, Nordhoff doubled car production. And within 13 years, annual production at Volkwagen had exceeded a million vehicles. It’s no surprise then, that when Nordhoff caught a glimpse of Ben Pon’s sketch his interest was instantly piqued. So much so, in fact, that he took on the idea and in November 1949 the first vehicle (known as the T1) made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Introducing The VW Transporter

A campervan interior

Following its success at the Motor Show, the T1 Transporter went into production very swiftly. From 8th March 1950, the Wolfsburg factory began producing these vehicles at a rate of 10 vehicles per day. The simplicity of the T1’s design allowed Volkswagen to create a whole range of body combinations and execute these simply. So, when production began there were already two different models available; a commercial transporter and the Kombi, which was fitted with two side windows and removable back seats.

Initially, the T1s were built in the factory at Wolfsburg. But, due to their popularity, production was moved to Hanover in around 1956. The T1 was no stranger to conversion as more body combinations were conceived and put into action. These include the Panel Van, Microbus, Samba, Kombi, Ambulance, Pick-Up and Double Cab! Changes also happened to the exterior as well as the interior. Most notably, the option to add sliding doors to the T1 was added from 1964.

Evolution in Action

Quite clearly, the T1 was a roaring success. And, of course, Volkswagen was keen to continue in this way. So, in 1967 the T2 Transporter was unveiled.

The Evolution of The Transporter Campervan

This new iteration of the VW Transporter flaunted a few key differences that set it apart from its predecessor. The biggest was the disappearance of the split windshield, which had gained the T1 the affectionate nicknames of ‘Splitscreen’ or ‘Splitty’.

Nearly 13 years after the release of the T2, the T3 made its entrance in 1979. A bigger, heavier imagining of the original, it was noticeably boxier and bought with it a range of technologically advanced features – including power steering and air conditioning! This version of the iconic VW was known by many names worldwide such as the Transporter/Caravelle, Microbus and Vanagon.

Volkswagen In The 90s & The Millennium

Production of the T3 Transporter continued until 1990 in Germany, and in the same year, it was succeeded by the Volkswagen T4. The first transporter to feature a water-cooled engine, this fourth-gen imagining of the T1 was hugely successful with production lasting for 13 years! It also could be customized with a range of options including a high top roof, sliding doors and a permanent 4WD system.

View of sea from inside a campervan

Then, in the new Millennium (2002, in fact) the T5 was launched. This new van fully embraced everything the Transporter could conceivably be. The production line saw a vast array of variants in the T5 including short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase options alongside a plethora of configurations too. It even enjoyed a minor facelift throughout its lifetime with cosmetic changes being made to the vehicle and an engine upgrade.

Transporters In The Present Day

The T6 is the most recent variation of the Transporter. Released in 2015 it is the sixth-generation of this vehicle to be produced. And it’s no surprise that it’s the most slick and modern of its family.
In 2019, the new Volkswagen T6.1 made its debut. An improved and updated version of the T6, it not only enjoyed a facelift on the interior but inside, too. To get the full lowdown on this newest vehicle, click here.

VW Transporter Campervan Conversions

Even in its infancy, the VW Transporter was well suited to campervan conversions. For example, the Volkswagen Westfalia camper was a conversion available for both the T2 and T3 variants which were in production for well over 5 decades! These conversions featured a range of interior options including foldout seating, sinks, water storage and curtains.

The Westfalia campervan conversion became the blueprint on which many campervan conversions are based today. For example, the Denby Balmoral conversion, which is suitable for T5 and T6 Transporters, features many similarities – with a few upgrades of course!

Denby Balmoral Campervan Conversion

A Denby Balmoral Campervan Conversion

VW Campervans From Denby

Here at Denby Campervans, we eat, sleep and breathe campervans and campervan conversions. Our team dedicate all of their time and energy to making stunning bespoke campervan conversions that allow individuals and families to live their best van life through the seasons.

To see what types of campervans we’ve got available in our showroom, take a look at the VW Campervans we have for sale currently here. Alternatively, check out our full range of campervan conversion options here.


COVID-19 Update from Denby Campervans

Dear Customers,

We’d like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are taking a pragmatic and professional approach in dealing with Coronavirus. We take the health and safety of our customers, staff, and visitors very seriously. Therefore we have implemented new policies and procedures to limit the spread of the virus.

We would like to reassure our customers that, with these measures in place, there should be no need for concern when visiting us. We are still open for business as usual.

That being said, we understand that you may not feel able to visit us at this time. If you are self-isolating or practicing social distancing, we are also available via telephone or email to discuss your campervan requirements. So, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Campervans For Sale From Denby

With that in mind, if you’re considering packing up the family and escaping to the country for a few weeks in a VW campervan – we don’t blame you! It’s the perfect way to make the best of this difficult time.

At Denby, we have a choice of ready-converted VW campers ready to drive away and panel vans ready to be converted with your own choice of bespoke interior options.

We are also the UK’s only supplier for Ilusion Motorhomes. So, if you are looking for something slightly different, check out these compact motorhomes. They have everything you need in a vehicle that’s less than 6 metres long.

All of our vehicles are available with great finance packages too, to help make the leap that little bit easier. Should you require any further information regarding VW campervans for sale from Denby, please don’t hesitate to drop in, give us a call or email us.



4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Campervan in 2020

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Campervan in 2020

Campervans are enjoying a rise in popularity of late. Why? Perhaps it’s because we are becoming more conscious of the impact travelling abroad has on the environment. Or maybe the nomad lifestyle appeals more to those among us that are striving to achieve a better work-life balance? Whatever the reason, van life is increasingly enticing individuals, couples and families alike.

Here at Denby, we love campervans and the van lifestyle for many reasons. The main being that jumping in a campervan and hitting the road opens up a whole world of possibilities beyond that of a simple package holiday. If you’re considering giving the van lifestyle a go this year, we’ve compiled our top 4 reasons why you should buy a campervan in 2020 to give you that final nudge.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

If you often find yourself with itchy feet and chomping at the bit to explore new places, a campervan gives you the freedom to do just that. With a van, you don’t have to worry about spending a gazillion pounds on upgrading your luggage allowance in order to pack more than a pair of flip flops and a towel. You’re ready and raring to go at the drop of a hat.

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Fancy a trip to the Lake District at the weekend? How about climbing Snowdon? Hop in the van and off you go. No in-depth planning, no overspending on flights, transport and hotel rooms. Just the freedom to do whatever you please, whenever you please.

Travel In Style

With a campervan conversion the world really is your oyster when it comes to mod cons, upholstery and decor. Not many of us can say we get the opportunity to travel First or Business Class when we fly, but in a campervan you will travel in style all day, every day if you like.

For example, our iconic Balmoral conversion comes complete with all the luxuries you could need (and a few optional extras, too), including a Rock & Roll bed, side kitchen units and wardrobe, gas hob and sink, and fridge/freezer. The Balmoral conversion also comes kitted out with USB power points, so you can charge your phone or tablet on the go and enjoy in-flight entertainment at your fingertips!

Balmoral Campervan Conversion

Keeping It In The Family

Taking off for the weekend usually involves cramming the kids and the dogs into the car, along with the tent and all your home comforts. We’ve all been there, and it’s no fun! With a campervan, heading off on family escapes is easier and more spacious. What’s more, you don’t have to wrestle with the tent when you get to your destination. Just pitch up, sit back, and enjoy a brew before heading off to explore the local area!

Switch Off From The Everyday

Family Campervan Holidays

Life is more hectic than ever right now. Many of us work long, unforgiving hours. And technology means we never really get to switch up. One of the best things about living the van life is being able to up sticks, switch off your phone, and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Recent studies have shown the spending time outdoors is hugely positive for our mental health. With a campervan, you’re never far from a bit of fresh air, a long walk, and a pub lunch to round it all off if you really want to treat yourself.

Convinced? Contact Us To Talk Campervans!

Have you been bitten by the campervan bug? We don’t blame you if you have! At Denby Campervans, we have a whole range of Volkswagen campervans for sale at our showroom in Leek. And if you can’t find the one you want on our forecourt, we can also source and convert your dream campervan for you! Easy, peasy.

Alongside that, from our campervan conversions to our high-top and elevated roofs, we have a range of high-quality options available to help you create a home from home the whole family will love. To find out more, take a look at our campervans for sale right here on our website. Or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Campsites By The Sea

Escape To The Coast: Top Campsites By The Sea

In the throes of winter, is there anything better than planning your summer holidays? Yes, it may be dark and dreary outside, but the sun will shine again. And when it does, you want to be ready.

So, if you’re chomping at the bit to get ahead of the game this blog will give you a heads up for the best caravan and camping sites by the sea in the UK.

South West England

Ayr Holiday Park

Cornwall is synonymous with camping, and it’s not hard to see why. St Ives is a popular seaside resort that’s won many Best UK Seaside Town awards over the years. Not only that, but it has a thriving culture with plenty to do for families, couples and lone travellers alike.

Ayr Holiday Park in St Ives is situated along 30 miles of stunning coastline, which instantly makes it a hit for beach lovers. It boasts pitches for tents, camper vans, and touring caravans, many of which feature awe-inspiring views across the bay and out onto the sea.

View Overlooking Porthminster Beach, St Ives, Cornwall

View Overlooking Porthminster Beach, St Ives, Cornwall

For families, Ayr Holiday Park also has an adventure-style playground, picnic tables, and a games room. As well as important facilities such as an amenities block and on-site launderette.

Tregedna Farm

Located near Falmouth, Tregedna Farm offers campers 12 acres of lush green fields for their tents and tourers. As a family-run campsite, it’s the perfect location for families and couples to visit not least because of the vast amount of space for playing and exploring that it offers.

While you may not be as close to the sea at Tregedna Farm, you’re only a short while away. Just half a mile away you’ll find the beautiful Maenporth Beach, as well as The National Maritime Museum Cornwall, Pendennis Castle and a myriad of National Trust gardens and properties nearby.

Maenporth Beach, Famouth

Maenporth Beach, Famouth

In Peak Season, facilities include a shop, toilet blocks, showers, sinks, washing machines and tumble driers. Everything you need to have a great time!


Cliff House Holiday Park

Cliff House Holiday Park can be found on the breathtaking Suffolk Heritage Coast, and features direct beach access. It’s also surrounded by idyllic heathland and woodland that’s perfect for exploring on endless summer days.

Here everything goes. Tents, tourers, and campervans are more than welcome in the lush green surroundings of Cliff House Holiday Park, with 120 pitches available by the night.

Southwold Pier, Suffolk

Southwold Pier, Suffolk

What makes this location so stand-out is not only the beauty but the facilities on offer. Guests staying at Cliff House can enjoy tasty cuisine at the on-site bar and restaurant, while kids young and old are sure to enjoy the children’s playground and family room featuring TV and pool table!


Skysea Caravan & Camping Site

A beach-side caravan and camping site based on the South Gower Coast, Skysea is nothing short than picturesque. Boasting a magnificent fifteen acres of land flanked by cliffs and coastline, it’s the perfect spot to pitch up for your summer holidays.

One of the great things about this resort is that it’s super family-friendly. The site features two sanitary blocks, an outdoor wetsuit shower area, and family washrooms that are accessible to both wheelchairs and prams.

Three Cliffs in the Gower Peninsula

Three Clliffs in the Gower Peninsula

For beautiful scenic walks, the Wales Coastal Path can easily be reached from the site which offers breath-taking views of Swansea and Gower.


Serenity Camping

Serenity Camping can be found in the traditional seaside town of Hinderwell, which is located on the North Yorkshire coast near Whitby. As you can imagine from the name, this campsite is all about reconnecting with nature, unwinding and enjoying the simpler things in life.

A bit of a hidden gem, Serenity is open from 1st April until the end of October – although can’t accommodate motorhomes until mid May due to ground conditions. That being said, there’s so much to do and see it’s definitely not one to be missed.

Runswick Bay

Runswick Bay

On foot guests have access to a vast array of activities and entertainment. Less than a mile away there’s Runswick Bay and a whole host of coastal walks to choose from. Back at the village, there’s also two welcoming pubs, a chip shop, and a local butcher shop for those morning fry ups!


Sunart Camping

If you truly are looking to get away from the rat race in a far flung place, Sunart Camping is about as good as it gets without leaving the UK. Located on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands, it’s deliciously isolated and oh, so peaceful.

A family run (and family-friendly) campsite, it’s the perfect place to explore the surrounding areas, including the lochside village of Strontian just a short while away, and the Isles of Mull and Skye.

Ardnamurchan Point on the Ardnamurchan peninsula

Ardnamurchan Point on the Ardnamurchan peninsula

Home-from-home comforts are the order of the day here, with plenty of room for tents, caravans and campervans to stake their claim for a holiday. And the communal bothy, with comfy sofas and cosy wood burning stove, is a nice little sweetener too.

Where To?

Are you planning your next campervan adventure? If so, where will you be exploring on the list? Have we missed anywhere super special? We’d love you to share with us your top picks for campervan holidays, particularly those by the sea. So, leave a comment down below or catch up with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Merry Christmas From Denby Campervans

Merry Christmas From Denby Campervans!

We’ve had a fantastic year at Denby Campervans. And we’d like to thank all of customers, past, present and future, for trusting us to transform their campervans with our wonderful conversions! Throughout the year, we’ve also sold more than a few campervans to our lovely customers, and we certainly hope their new vehicles have bought them joy and pleasure throughout the year and will continue to do so in 2020.

Christmas Opening Times

Christmas is rapidly approaching and we hope you are as excited as we are! To help our lovely team members get a well-deserved break here at Denby, we’ll be closed between:

Friday 20th December and Thursday 2nd January.

From there, our opening times will be as normal.

Explore Our Campervans For Sale

Just because we’ve closed our doors for Christmas, doesn’t mean we don’t still have a huge range of campervans for sale. If you’re looking for a little festive browsing, take a look at our for sale page where you’ll find a wide variety of Volkswagen campervans for sale. And if you see one you like, why not come and visit our showroom in 2020 and take a look?

Many of our campervans for sale can be fitted with conversions and other optional upgrades to create the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of!

See You In The New Year!

Once again, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends this year. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re up to in the new year, and if you’re out and about in your Denby Campervan we’d love for you to share your photographs!


2020 Festival Guide

2020 Guide To UK Festivals

Over the last 10 years, music festivals have become part of the Great British summer. And it’s not just about the music anymore. Throughout the warmer seasons, you’ll find festivals for everything ranging from food and drink to literature, comedy and art.

So, it’s fair to say that there’s something for everyone. What’s more, campervans and festivals go together like summer and fun! In fact, in recent years they’ve become more popular for a number of reasons. Most obviously, they’re more comfortable than a tent. And you get all your home comforts while enjoying all the fun of the festival.

To help you plan out your summer, and because we need something to look forward to in the depths of winter, we’ve put together a guide to UK festivals for 2020. We’ll give you a run-down of campervan friendly festivals and events across the country, so you can get your van life fix in style.

Isle of Wight Festival 2020
Thursday 11th June – Sunday 14th June

In 2020, the Isle of Wight Festival features of a star-studded line up including Lionel Richie, Lewis Capaldi, Snow Patrol, The Chemical Brothers and…Duran Duran!

Offering a wide range of camping options including boutique camping and luxury backstage camping, visitors are also able to bring their campervans along. Be aware that you do have to buy both a Weekend Ticket and a Campervan Pass for this type of camping, which is an add-on to the main ticket that has to be purchased in advance.

Download Festival 2020
Friday 12th June – Sunday 14th June

It is fair to say that Download is one of the biggest and best rock festivals in the country, if not across Europe. And this year promises to be no different. At the time of writing, headliners include KISS, Iron Maiden, System of A Down, Deftones, Korn and more.

Campervans are welcome this year, at the campervan site. However, no electric or water hook-up is provided. Permitted vehicles include campervans, motorhomes, caravans, and trailer tents. To find out more about campervan permission at Download Festivals, click here.

Glastonbury Festival 2020
Wednesday 24th June – Sunday 28th June

If you haven’t got a ticket for Glastonbury 2020, it’s safe to say you won’t be going this year. But it will be televised – so there’s that, at least! This year promises megastars such as Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Diana Ross, with many more to be announced.

If you have got yourself a ticket…first of all, lucky you! If you’re planning on taking a campervan with you you’ll need a campervan ticket too to be able to park in the dedicated fields.

Latitude Festival 2020
Thursday 16th July – Sunday 19th July

Latitude Festival in Henham Park, Suffolk offers an eclectic mix of music, literature, theatre and comedy. For 2020, the line-up includes Keane, The Chemical Brothers, HAIM, The Lumineers, Liam Gallagher, and Bill Bailey – and there’s still more to come!

For this festival, you’ll need a campervan, caravan or motorhome pass as well as Weekend Ticket to gain entry to the appropriate campsite.

Camp Bestival 2020
Thursday 30th July – Sunday 2nd August

Curated by Josie and Rob Da Bank at Lulworth Castle in Dorset, Camp Bestival is a family-friendly festival with a line-up of music, comedy, circus and food!

There are several different camping fields, including a dedicated campervan area where you can either hire a campervan or bring your own.

Boomtown Fair 2020
Wednesday 12th August – Sunday 16th August

Boomtown Fair aims to achieve ‘A world of unity, creativity and freedom’ at Matterley Estate in Hampshire. A festival split into four areas, there’s something for everyone including a children’s district, theatrical venues and more.

There is a dedicated camping space for campervans on site. Again, you must purchase a campervan ticket alongside your main ticket to access this and all vehicles must fit within 5m wide x 8m deep pitch.

Enjoy Your Next Festival With A Denby Campervan

Festivals are best enjoyed with good friends. But a campervan can certainly make your stay more comfortable. At Denby Campervans, we have a wide range of campervans for sale, all of which you can view here on our website. Alternatively, if you are considering a conversion in time for you next summer festival, talk to us about our conversion options today. We’ve got all the know-how and expertise to help you live the van life you’ve been dreaming of.


5 Ways To Live Your Best Van Life This Winter

5 Ways To Live Your Best Van Life This Winter

While winter is officially due to arrive on 22nd December this year, it’s definitely cold enough to feel like it at the moment. But when has a bit of frost ever stopped us from heading out in the van, eh?

That being said, staying warm while you’re out and about living the van life is important. For one, it makes enjoying the scenery easier, as you curl up in the warmth with a steaming brew. And it helps to stave off colds and keep you getting out and about enjoying the fresh air and beauty of the season. So, we’ve bought together 5 tips for staying warm in the camper van this winter, so you can continue living your best van life.

Be Prepared For Cold Weather

There are many things a campervan conversion can do to make your van warmer throughout winter. For example, our Balmoral conversion features full insulation and a set of custom made curtains to keep draughts at bay.

But, one of the easiest ways to stay warm is to prepare for the cold weather. You lose heat through your head and your feet, so bring along thermal layers under your clothes, thick socks and a hat to stay toasty.

While material like cotton is breathable, wool is a much more effective insulator that will keep you warm. So a woolly hat, thick blanket, socks and warming base layers will keep away the chills, especially during the cold nights.

Invest in a rug or a carpet

The worst thing about waking up on a cold morning is putting your bare feet onto a chilly laminate floor. A fluffy rug is a great way to treat your feet first thing and stay warm. You could even invest in some carpet throughout to really feel the benefit.

The great thing about a rug is that it can be moved to allow for cleaning on the floor. So, you’ll never have to worry about treading muddy footprints (or pawprints!) into the carpet after you’ve been out exploring.

Get a windscreen cover

A good quality windscreen cover can do wonders for keeping your campervan at a comfortable temperature. Variations with a reflective insulated layer will also help to keep the extreme cold at bay.

An external windscreen cover will also work to reduce heat loss through the windscreen and reduce condensation, particularly when you’re cooking.

Windscreen covers can also be really effective in summer too, helping to keep the interior of your campervan cool and comfortable – so definitely worth the investment, if you live the van life throughout the seasons.

Bring an emergency kit along with you

Getting stranded in wintery weather is no fun. It’s cold, it’s wet, and most likely entirely unpleasant for everyone involved! But sometimes, it’s unavoidable, and being prepared is the best way to see you through.

Always make sure you bring along an emergency kit just in case. Bottles of water, extra food, more blankets, a sleeping bag, and a torch can help to keep you safe and comfortable in the event of a problem.

Try a space heater

Space heaters are compact and easy to store away. What’s more, they can provide a welcome blast of warmth, particularly after chilly winter walks.

Take care when buying a heater that you take the necessary steps to stay safe. Most obviously, never leave a heater running when you’re not there to keep an eye on it. And make sure there’s plenty of space for it to avoid it becoming a hazard.

The Denby Balmoral Conversion features a power management system, consumer unit and leisure battery, as well as power points in various voltages to make having a space heater easy.

Enjoy The Van Life All Year Round With Denby Campervans

At Denby Campervans, we can help you ready your campervan for any kind of weather with our conversions. We have a wide range of conversion variations including the Balmoral, Buckingham, and Denby Weekender. As well as Day Van/Kombi Conversions and our Olympian Sportsmobile variation, too.

To find out more about our campervans and conversions, you can browse our campervans for sale online. Alternatively, come and see us at our showroom at Leek. If you already have a van, we can talk you through your options and help you choose a conversion that will comfortably see you through all the seasons!


Denby Guide To Used Campervans

Used Campervans For Sale: The Denby Guide

If you’ve been dreaming of buying a campervan for a while, you may have already considered new vs used campervans. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll give you the low-down on our used campervans for sale, and what you need to consider when buying a new or used campervan.

Used Campervans: Things To Consider

Before you dive in and start searching for used campervans for sale, it’s worth a moment to stop and think about what it is you want from your vehicle. This could include:

  • Make & Model
  • Mileage
  • Age
  • Level of finish
  • Colour
  • Conversion specification

Buying a used campervan doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your wants or needs. In fact, here at Denby, we offer personalised conversion packages on all our campervans for sale. With us, you can personalise your selection from the upholstery of the seating down to your choice of elevating roof or high top roof.

When buying one of our used campervans, you have the flexibility and scope to make it your own from front to back!

Mileage Matters

Or, does it? Engines in modern vehicles are more robust nowadays. Which means, even with a few thousand miles on the clock you can still get a lot of bang for your buck. That being said, it’s worth considering an upper limit to help you refine your search.

Many of our campervans for sale are relatively new and have low mileage. This is because they are mostly used a few times per year – much less than your average commuter car, of course! For that reason, it is perfectly possible to pick up a newer make and model with low mileage at second-hand prices. Plus, finance options can make buying a used campervan easier than you ever imagined!

Know Your Specs

While we have a huge range of campervans for sale here at Denby, a large majority of our stock includes variants of the Volkswagen T5 & T6 Transporter vehicles. If you are new to the world of campervans and their specifications, head on over to our campervans for sale page and browse our wide selection. Here you will find a full breakdown including make, model, mileage, price and special features.

When you’ve found the campervan that you’ve been dreaming of, you can head over to our showroom in Leek to see it in person and chat to us about conversions and optional extras to make it all yours.

Tips for buying a used campervan

At Denby, we want to make your experience of buying a used campervan as fun and as seamless as possible. That being said, we want you to find the right vehicle and campervan conversion for your needs too. So, we’ve put together our top tips for buying a used campervan to help you get started.

1. Have a budget

Regardless of whether you have been saving to buy a campervan or you plan to take advantage of a finance offer or form of credit, it’s important to have an idea in mind of how much you want to pay for your new purchase. It may be that you are willing to pay more for a vehicle that really catches your eye – but make sure you quantify this so you don’t run into any nasty surprises during the buying process.

2. Take it for a spin

You’d do it for a car, and you most certainly should do it for your campervan. No matter where you’re buying from, make sure you take it for a spin and listen carefully as you go. Like anything else, you want to be 100% sure that what you are about to purchase will go the distance, is comfortable, and drives like a dream!

3. Have a good look around

Before you commit, take a good look around the inside your chosen campervan. Be nosy and take a look inside and around all of the nooks and crannies to make sure everything within the interior meets your expectations in line with the price.

4. Ask questions

If you aren’t sure of something or need clarification, then ask questions! A good dealer will be able to confidently answer any and all questions relating to the campervan you’re looking at, and if it’s important to you then it’s definitely worth asking.

Browse Used Campervans for Sale With Denby

If you’re on the hunt for used campervans for sale, then make Denby Campervans your first port of call. Not only do we have a huge range of used (and new) campervans for sale at our showroom in Leek, we can also work with you to find the perfect campervan conversion for you along with a wide range of optional extras too.

To find out more, browse our campervans for sale, give us a call or plan your visit to our showroom!


Campervan Conversions: New Volkswagen T6

Campervan Conversions: The Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter

Have you heard the news? Of course you have! The Volkswagen Transporter T6 has had an upgrade in the form of the cutting-edge Caravelle T6.1. Revealed at the world-famous Geneva International Motor Show in March this year, it joins a line-up of iconic Transporter vehicles. And it is sure to be a winner in the campervan community! And you can read all about here. What’s more, you can find out all about campervan conversions for this new model here at Denby too!

What’s New?

Starting with the outside, the chassis of the T6.1 boasts a redesign that brings it firmly into the 21st Century. From high-intensity H7 headlights and brand spanking new rear LED lights. The stunningly futuristic front end is hard to miss when you’re out and about. And the new-look alloy wheels go a long way to complement the stylish interior.

New Volkseagen T6 Front End

Speaking of the interior, the Caravelle T6.1 is made for driving. Featuring a digital dashboard, infotainment system, and online connectivity (thanks to the integrated SIM card), drivers will also enjoy a veritable feast of driver assistance systems to keep them firmly on the road. This includes Cross Wind Assist, Lane Assist and Park Assist. The latter of which steers automatically for you. Leaving you in charge of the pedals and focused on the task in hand!

In fact, safety is paramount in this vehicle. The integrated eSim, in the event of an accident, will automatically send the location of the van to an emergency response centre. And, if the driver doesn’t respond, will inform the emergency services. Full internet connectivity within the vehicle also gives drivers access to music streaming and internet radio, for a myriad of entertainment options while you’re on the road!

New Volkswagen T6 Interior

What’s Under The Hood?

As well as improved comfort and connectivity, the T6.1 also features a redesigned cab with 230V power, even more lockable storage and an under-seat load function. Under the hood, you’ll find a reworked engine with a range of options available to buyers. The front wheel version of the T6.1 boasts a super efficient 2.0L turbodiesel engine, which is compliant with the Euro-6d-TEMP-EVAP emissions standard. Buyers can also choose from engine and gearbox combinations, including a DSG dual clutch gearbox and 4MOTION all-wheel drive.

Campervan Conversions With The T6.1

As usual, we are hugely excited about the release of the new T6.1, and with all the mod cons available the scope for a campervan conversion in this vehicle is huge. Here at Denby, we can help you get your hands on all models (and specs) of the new VW Transporter, whose colour range includes stunning Indium Grey, Cherry Red, Starlight Blue and Oryx White!

Whether pre-registered or new, we can supply this brand new vehicle. And that’s not all – we can hook you up with a campervan conversion too! Fully converted, this vehicle typically starts from £43,995, which includes:


campervan conversions
In fact, we offer a huge range of optional extras in all our campervan conversions!

New Transporter For Sale At Denby Campervans

If you’re ready to hit the road and just have to have the brand new Transporter T6.1, then contact us today. We can provide you with a no obligation quote, as well as listen to your requirements and recommend the best type of campervan or campervan conversion for you.

Alongside our most popular conversion, the Balmoral, we also offer our Denby Weekender and Buckingham Conversions, alongside customisable Day Van/Kombi conversions and the outdoor loving Olympian Sportsmobile.