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Campervan Roofs – Pop Up, Elevating & High Top Roofs

At Denby Campervans, we specialise in campervan conversions for a number of top model vans. We pride ourselves on providing customers tailored and personally customised campervan conversion. One of our most popular additional features and personalisation options is our extended campervan roof packages.

Customers of Denby Campervans have the choice of either a pop-up roof, elevating roof or a high top roof to be fitted to their campervan. Below you’ll find a brief break down of our campervan roof options.

Our Campervan Roof options

Pop Up Roofs: Pop up roofs are easy to deploy roofing solution made from high-quality tenting materials. Lightweight, streamline and made from quality materials, your roof is well suited for extra storage or additional sleeping.

Elevating Roofs: Slimline elevating roofs are one of our most popular roofing options. These additional spaces provide an extra sleeping space for weekends away or camping trips. These campervan roofs are fantastic for relieving claustrophobia when moving around the van.

High Top Roofs: Hightop roofs are another of our popular roofing packages. Aero-dynamic and tailored to the users’ needs. Our high-tops roofs can be fitted to the T6 and T5 model as well as a number of other model vehicles.

In addition to our VW roofing option, there are a number of additional add-ons such as:

  • Colour Coding
  • Elevating Roof Beds
  • Bed Boards
  • Two Side Windows
  • Roof Vent
  • Lining Out For High Top Roof


Get in Touch or Come and See our Campervan Roof Options

If you would like to know more about our campervan roof options get in touch with a member of our team today. Our team have years of experience and provide our customers with the best advice tailored to their requirements. If you’d like to see our campervans up close and personal come and see us at our showroom in Leek just outside of the Peak District.


Elevating Roofs

Elevating Roofs For Campervans – Turn Your Van into a Home

A Denby elevating roofs for a VW campervan adds an extra dynamic and level of comfort when you reach your destination after a long journey. Some people find vans claustrophobic especially after you’ve been in them for a while. So, an elevating roof is just the trick for more headroom and an overall homelier feel. Because ultimately that is what your campervan is for.

Elevating roofs are a great added addition to our campervans and our customers agree as it’s one of our most popular conversion options. Below we’ll outline a few reasons why you should say yes to an extendable roof for those who are still sat on the fence.

A Few Reasons for Choosing Elevating Roofs

To start with as we previously mentioned elevating roofs offer additional space which the roofs biggest advantage! The extendable roof makes moving around the van when parked up much easier. Cooking, washing up, getting ready and relaxing are just a few of the advantages when staying in the van.

Our elevating is flexible, compact and aerodynamic. When arriving at your destination your roof will be up and read in a matter of seconds. Additionally, as simple as the roof goes up it just as easily goes down. Some customers wonder when the roof down it looks a bit glaring but the simple answer is no! Denby elevating roofs are compact and only stand a little above the existing body. This allows them to be more aerodynamic and eliminating drag.

Finally, our elevating roofs are made from tenting materials, which makes them extremely ventilated but not at all drafty.

Get in Touch for Elevating Roofs and More

If you would like to know more about our Denby elevating roofs and the compatibility with certain vehicles, please get in touch with our team today. If you prefer face to face advice, we have a new showroom open to the public just outside of the Peak District in Leek.


elevating roofs

Elevating Roofs offer Freedom on the Road and Parked Up

You won’t know freedom until you’ve tried a Denby Campervan. Our VW vehicles allow you to go wherever and whenever you want. Denby campervans don’t just offer freedom on the road. Thanks to our elevating roofs, you’ll have freedom and comfort to move around your campervan without feeling restricted or claustrophobic!

Here at Denby, we specialise in the T5 and T6 models, but we also provide additional roofs for other high performance and popular van models. Such as Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit and many more.

Elevating Roofs and Other Extra Add-ons

As part of the complete service we offer at Denby campervans we offer a range of roof options. Owners often wonder if an extra roof will alter the appearance of their van and we’re here to tell you that you van will not lose its stylish visuals at all. Our elevating or pop up roof fit seamlessly into the bodywork of the existing campervans roof.

Customers of Denby have a choice of either a high-top roof, Denby elevating roof or pop-up roof. Elevating roofs are just one of the option packages you can add to your VW Campervan.

Additional extras that can be added to your van include:

Colour Coding – Choose from Gel Colours and Metallic Finishes

Elevating Roof Bed

Bed Boards

Two-side Windows (High-top Roof)

Roof Vent (High-top Roof)

Lining Out (High-top Roof)

Come and See our Denby Elevating Roofs

If you would like to know more about our elevating roofs, please get in touch with a member of our team today. Our team provide friendly and impartial advice to ensure you get the best possible van that matches your requirements.

A Denby campervan is all about the visuals which are why we have an open showroom, just outside of the Peak District (Leek). Come down and see our vehicles first hand and you’ll be blown away by the quality, style and promise of adventure that our VW campervans offer.


VW T5 Pop Top Roof

Travel in Comfort with a VW T5 Pop Top Roof

The VW T5 pop top roof is one of our most popular products, and it’s easy to see why.

At Denby Campervans we believe that the extra space provided with a VW T5 pop top roof makes all the difference in regards to your weekends away, long camping trips or travelling. Wherever you’re going, and however long for, our pop top roofs are a must have to make your adventure a more comfortable experience.

The Benefits of a VW T5 Pop Top Roof from Denby Campervans

The VW T5 pop top roof is truly something that should be experienced, so that the user can take in all of the great benefits that it holds. Some of the key benefits of a pop top roof from Denby Campervans include;

  • Built to stand the test of time – Our roofs are built using high quality materials, steel strengthening frames and high grade roof tent materials – meaning that the typical British weather won’t ruin your weekend away.
  • Additional Space – The additional space definitely makes a difference when it comes to your travels, removing the claustrophobic feeling that can sometimes rear its head when you’ve been on the road for a long time.
  • Increased potential – More space means more room for improvement, allowing you to make use of the free space to the best of your ability, whether that’s with a better interior or just your vision for a better space.
  • Our Expertise – We specialise in campervan conversions, with our roofs manufactured in our own premises, with expert craftsmen. We pride ourselves on providing high quality workmanship.
  • Personalisation – We offer a number of versatile roof options for alongside our VW T5 Pop Top Roof, giving you that personalised touch.

Get in touch Regarding a VW T5 Pop Top Roof

All of our Denby Elevating Roofs are available as supply only, and are highly popular with many of our customers. For more information, get in touch and we can offer a helping hand regarding prices and specifications.


VW T6 elevating roof

Upgrade Your Campervan with a VW T6 Elevating Roof

VW T6 elevating roofs are becoming a popular way to upgrade your campervan this summer due to the extra space, storage, and unique appearance.

Here at Denby Campervans, we think there is nothing better than having an elevating roof that allows you to stand up and cook breakfast whilst you relax in the beautiful countryside. With so much experience in the campervan roof industry, let our fantastic team help you to pick a roof that suits your requirements, and you’ll have a campervan experience that family and friends will love.

See and Feel the Benefits of a VW T6 Elevating Roof

Whether you are taking a visit to the Mediterranean coast, relaxing at a festival with friends, or you’re planning a road trip around the countryside, installing a VW T6 elevating roof will be the ideal final addition for your summer adventures to create ultimate space.

There are two types of elevating roofs that you can choose from us… Try our own Denby brand which includes quality materials, strong frames, and easy installation all designed and manufactured by us. Or, try the fantastic Remio roofs which are the leading manufacture of the VW T6 elevating roof! This brand uses a slim line frame and a hydraulic system for easy access and will give you that added comfort you’re looking for.

Contact Us About a Premium VW T6 Elevating Roof

Like most Volkswagen campervans, the size and shape are different depending on your model… We can create a VW T6 elevating roof that suits your campervan perfectly, and we can even supply for other models such as the T5 and Transporter. To know more information about how our team installs your roof, simply give us a call and we can start to get the wheels in motion.

Are you looking for a campervan that already includes an elevating, pop top,  or high-top roof? Click here and take a look at our amazing campervans for sale.


VW T5 Elevating Roof Campervan

Maximise Space with a VW T5 Elevating Roof Campervan

Discover beautiful parts of the country in a VW T5 elevating roof campervan from Denby Campervans! Whether you are looking for a campervan for sale or you want us to convert one for you, having an elevating roof is a great addition – you will be surprised by the extra room it creates!

For decades we have been supplying quality products to our customers and we are known for our excellent customer service. Taking great care in finding a campervan that not only suits your requirements but lasts for many years so you can create unforgettable memories. We make sure that all vans we stock are high quality vehicles. They are very popular and don’t stay on the forecourt for long!

Reasons for Having a VW T5 Elevating Roof Campervan

In our opinion the VW T5 is by far the best van to use for a campervan. Having a VW T5 elevating roof makes campervans even better! The unique shape, style and width of these vans allows us to create designs that are unbelievably spacious and functional. You will be able to stand up and have better access to kitchen units, beds, storage, and entertainment systems, making your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.

We have some great VW T5 elevating roof campervans for sale and high top roofs that you do not want to miss. Ready to drive away today and available on finance, you can have this amazing vehicle at affordable prices.

Contact us about our VW T5 elevating roof campervans

If you want us to convert your own VW, all VW T5 elevating roof campervans and VW T6 pop top roofs are designed using unique styles such as the luxury Buckinghamshire or the popular Balmoral – guaranteed to impress!

Whatever you need, simply contact us or visit our showroom, and we can help you to start planning your summer breaks!


vw transporter conversions for sale

A Versatile Range of VW Transporter Conversions

With all this cold weather, you may have been daydreaming about all the campervan adventures you are planning for 2018, and maybe even been thinking about what improvements and modifications you might want for your campervan interior. We at Denby Campervans provide a versatile range of VW Transporter conversions, accessories, and options; from complete overhauls, or simply adding a few choice alterations to your interiors.

We specialise in tailoring the campervan to the individual, and have developed a range of VW Transporter conversions  and accessories which will suit every need. If you are planning upgrades to your VW camper in time for your 2018 holidays and trips, we’re excited to work with you to create the perfect VW Transporter conversion for you needs.

VW Transporter Conversions

VW Transporter Conversions of All Kinds

With our range of VW Transporter conversion options, you can build your perfect campervan interior. Some of our most popular VW Transporter conversion include:

• Full lining out and insulation
• Kitchens
• Bathroom facilities
• Rock and roll beds
• Entertainment systems
• Equipment storage solutions
High top roofs
Elevating roofs

The possibilities for your new VW Transporter conversions are almost endless!

You are more than welcome to visit us in Staffordshire and take a look at some of our completed vans; this will demonstrate the quality workmanship we offer, as well as giving you an idea of which VW Transporter conversions will be right for your needs. As our main priority is that you leave us with a conversion that will provide you with the ultimate campervan experience, we are proud to operate a no pressure environment at our premises.

Visit Us in Staffordshire to View our VW Transporter Conversions

We are based in Leek, Staffordshire, so why not pop in and take a look at our campers? If you’d like any more information on any of our vehicles or VW Transporter conversions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


vw conversions for sale

Beautiful, High Quality VW Conversions for Sale at Denby

When it comes to campervans, we at Denby know that how you use yours in a way that will be different to the way others do. For example, you may use your VW campervan for long road trips where you need full facilities; perhaps you prefer short trips to family campsites with on site facilities, reducing your needs for features like toilets. However you use your campervan, we’ll tailor one of our stunning VW conversions for sale, so it’s perfect for you.

vw conversions for sale

Tailoring Our VW Conversions for Sale to Your Needs

Whether you bring your own van, or choose from our gorgeous new and used campervans, we will work with you to ensure your new interior meets your needs exactly. If you browse our range of VW conversions, you will see that we offer a flexible range of options for your campervan interior. From the full Balmoral conversion, through to our Denby Weekender or Day Van; our VW conversions for sale cover all bases and are suited to every campervan owner.
As part of our range of VW conversions for sale, we also offer high top roofs and elevating roofs. The additional space created in your campervan by installing one of these roof options makes all the difference. Incorporating one of the roof options to our VW conversions can make your campervan interior much more comfortable and practical. Furthermore, it gives you more flexibility on your choice of VW conversions for sale.

Contact Us to Discuss Our Range of VW Conversions for Sale

If you’re interested in viewing our range of VW conversions for sale, don’t hesitate to pop in for a visit; you’re always guaranteed a warm welcome! If you have any questions on our campervans, our conversions, just get in touch. We can also advise on any of the other services and extras on offer.


campervans for sale in the uk

VW Conversions for Sale at Denby

As well as providing a gorgeous range of quality new and used campervans, we at Denby also specialise in offering VW conversions for sale. With decades of expertise in the campervan industry, we’ve a fantastic understanding of what our customers expect from their campers. As such, we’ve designed a range of VW conversions for sale. This allows us to ensure that your home from home is perfectly tailored to you.

vw conversions for sale


VW Conversions for Sale – Perfect for Your 2017 Holidays

Owning a campervan really allows you to make the most out of your leisure time. It gives you freedom to be spontaneous with your weekend getaways; they can also accommodate you for longer term trips. The VW campervan conversions for sale here at Denby have been carefully designed by our experts. They offer you all the facilities you could need for your 2017 holidays and day trips.

If you will be taking most of your breaks over weekends, we personally recommend the Denby Weekender from our range of VW conversions for sale. Furthermore, it can be tailored to your specific needs, but generally includes beds, a compact kitchen, and laminated table set.
For longer trips, we can recommend our Balmoral conversion. This is a complete conversion, with everything you need for longer holidays. It can also be customised, but will usually include beds, a kitchen, toilet, water tank, and a high top or elevating roof.

Contact Us for Quality VW Conversions for Sale

You can find full details on the range of different conversions available here. We also have a list of our extensive customisation options which you can view here. If you need any help or advice at all when making your selection, please don’t hesitate to call us for assistance. Additionally, you can find more information on our VW conversions for sale here, in our conversion guide.



Quality New and Used VW T5 Campervans for Sale

If you’re looking for superb quality new and used VW T5 campervans for sale, take a look at the gorgeous range on offer at Denby. We have been using our expertise to source and convert some truly stunning vehicles.

VW T5 Campervans for Sale
Furthermore, we don’t just provide campervans to our customers, we’re passionate about them and use them ourselves. This gives us a fantastic understanding of what our customers have come to expect from their campers.

A Beautiful Range of VW T5 Campervans for Sale at Denby

We specialise in sourcing gorgeous vans, and converting them to the highest standards. As such, we have some wonderful VW T5 campervans for sale, with a range of interior options to suit your needs. Campervans are a personal item, in that no two owners will ever use their camper in the same way. This means that our VW T5 campervans for sale must be available with flexible options.
Some of the interior options we offer include complete conversions such as our Balmoral and Buckingham conversions. We also offer a complete range of customisation options which can be fit independently such as kitchens, toilets, beds, and entertainment systems.
You can take a look at our VW campervans for sale here, but please be aware that our stock changes on a regular basis. If you don’t quite see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’re always happy to discuss your needs and can source specific makes and models of campervans for you.

Browse Our VW T5 Campervans for Sale Online

If you have any questions on our VW T5 campervans for sale, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You are more than welcome to pop in for a visit to see our gorgeous campervans for yourself, and get a feel for the exceptional quality of our workmanship.