If you’re reading this, you know that here at Denby, campervan conversions are our thing. We eat, sleep and breathe all things van life. And we love breathing new life into a van by creating stunning bespoke conversions designed for exploring and adventure.

One of the most iconic types of conversions that we create for customers are VW conversions. From the Balmoral to the Buckingham and the Denby Weekender, we offer a wide range of customisable campervan conversion packages to suit your needs. To see them in action, check out our gallery of campervan conversions.

In our line of work, we work on a lot of VW Transporters. And in this blog, we’re going to give you a run-down of the reasons why you should choose a VW Transporter campervan conversion.

The Benefits Of A VW Transporter

VW Transporters are one of the most recognisable and most commonly seen types of campervan out there. And for good reason too! They come with a whole host of benefits that make them well suited to a conversion, and living the van life.

Unrivalled Quality

The first reason why you should choose a VW Transporter campervan conversion is because of the build quality. If your main goal for purchasing a campervan is to head out and about, go exploring and make happy memories with your family, then the VW Transporter comfortably fit the bill.

VW T6 Campervan Conversion With Elevating Roof

Put simply, VW Transporters are made to last. They are sturdy and reliable with high standards of safety built in at every turn. This means that when you make the decision to hit the open road and head off on your next journey, you can do so with the peace of mind that the vehicle you have chosen won’t let you down.

Fantastic Driving Experience

Every new Transporter that hits the market is jam-packed with the latest technology. For example, the new T6.1 Transporter boasts a whole host of high tech features designed to deliver a driving experience that is second to none. This includes safety features such as Sidewind Assist and electromechanical steering, as well as built in DAB+ radios with 6.5” touchscreen.

Candy White T6 Transporter With Elevating Roof

VW Transporters are designed to make driving a pleasurable experience, which is exactly what you want when considering a campervan conversion. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the open road, why not choose a vehicle that makes getting behind the wheel a joy rather than a means to an end?

Flexibility In Conversion

Purpose built campervans are great, but they’re not made with you in mind. With a VW Transporter campervan conversion, you are the master of how it looks and how it is finished. Rather than put up and shut up with aspects of a ready-made campervan or motorhome, you have complete control of optional extras, upholstery finishes, worktops and more.

Rib Bed Upholstery Upgrade

With a bespoke Transporter conversion you get full flexibility in conversion without compromise.

They Look Fantastic

As we said, the VW Transporters is iconic and is guaranteed to catch the eye of any campervan enthusiast. One of the most recognisable vehicles on the road, Transporters are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, from bright and vibrant red or yellow to more understated (but still great looking) grey and black.

Reflex Silver VW T6 Transporter Campervan

If how you look out on the road and at camp sites is a top priority for you, plumping for a shiny, colourful VW Transporter is a fantastic option. What’s more, your interior can be customised to suit the exterior for an overall finish that looks great and functions fantastically.

Buying a VW Transporter Conversion

If you’re looking for Volkswagen Transporter campervan conversions, then look no further. Here at Denby Campervans we have a range of T5 and T6 vehicles for sale that are ready to drive away. What’s more, each vehicle at our showroom can be kitted out with the campervan conversion of your dreams!

We even have the latest VW T6.1 available for purchase in all colours and specifications. Fully converted with our iconic Balmoral conversion and your choice of elevating or high top roof, we can work with you to build a VW Transporter campervan conversion that meets your needs and looks just how you’d dreamed it would.

For more help and information about our campervans for sale and our conversions, please contact us. Our team would be more than happy help with any questions you may have.