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VW Transporter Campervan Conversion

4 Reasons To Choose A VW Transporter Campervan Conversion

If you’re reading this, you know that here at Denby, campervan conversions are our thing. We eat, sleep and breathe all things van life. And we love breathing new life into a van by creating stunning bespoke conversions designed for exploring and adventure.

One of the most iconic types of conversions that we create for customers are VW conversions. From the Balmoral to the Buckingham and the Denby Weekender, we offer a wide range of customisable campervan conversion packages to suit your needs. To see them in action, check out our gallery of campervan conversions.

In our line of work, we work on a lot of VW Transporters. And in this blog, we’re going to give you a run-down of the reasons why you should choose a VW Transporter campervan conversion.

The Benefits Of A VW Transporter

VW Transporters are one of the most recognisable and most commonly seen types of campervan out there. And for good reason too! They come with a whole host of benefits that make them well suited to a conversion, and living the van life.

Unrivalled Quality

The first reason why you should choose a VW Transporter campervan conversion is because of the build quality. If your main goal for purchasing a campervan is to head out and about, go exploring and make happy memories with your family, then the VW Transporter comfortably fit the bill.

VW T6 Campervan Conversion With Elevating Roof

Put simply, VW Transporters are made to last. They are sturdy and reliable with high standards of safety built in at every turn. This means that when you make the decision to hit the open road and head off on your next journey, you can do so with the peace of mind that the vehicle you have chosen won’t let you down.

Fantastic Driving Experience

Every new Transporter that hits the market is jam-packed with the latest technology. For example, the new T6.1 Transporter boasts a whole host of high tech features designed to deliver a driving experience that is second to none. This includes safety features such as Sidewind Assist and electromechanical steering, as well as built in DAB+ radios with 6.5” touchscreen.

Candy White T6 Transporter With Elevating Roof

VW Transporters are designed to make driving a pleasurable experience, which is exactly what you want when considering a campervan conversion. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the open road, why not choose a vehicle that makes getting behind the wheel a joy rather than a means to an end?

Flexibility In Conversion

Purpose built campervans are great, but they’re not made with you in mind. With a VW Transporter campervan conversion, you are the master of how it looks and how it is finished. Rather than put up and shut up with aspects of a ready-made campervan or motorhome, you have complete control of optional extras, upholstery finishes, worktops and more.

Rib Bed Upholstery Upgrade

With a bespoke Transporter conversion you get full flexibility in conversion without compromise.

They Look Fantastic

As we said, the VW Transporters is iconic and is guaranteed to catch the eye of any campervan enthusiast. One of the most recognisable vehicles on the road, Transporters are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, from bright and vibrant red or yellow to more understated (but still great looking) grey and black.

Reflex Silver VW T6 Transporter Campervan

If how you look out on the road and at camp sites is a top priority for you, plumping for a shiny, colourful VW Transporter is a fantastic option. What’s more, your interior can be customised to suit the exterior for an overall finish that looks great and functions fantastically.

Buying a VW Transporter Conversion

If you’re looking for Volkswagen Transporter campervan conversions, then look no further. Here at Denby Campervans we have a range of T5 and T6 vehicles for sale that are ready to drive away. What’s more, each vehicle at our showroom can be kitted out with the campervan conversion of your dreams!

We even have the latest VW T6.1 available for purchase in all colours and specifications. Fully converted with our iconic Balmoral conversion and your choice of elevating or high top roof, we can work with you to build a VW Transporter campervan conversion that meets your needs and looks just how you’d dreamed it would.

For more help and information about our campervans for sale and our conversions, please contact us. Our team would be more than happy help with any questions you may have.


Ilusion XMR 590 Exterior

Ilusion Motorhomes Now Available From Denby Campervans

At Denby Campervans, not only are we ardent fans of campervan conversions and VW campervans, we also offer a range of other motorhomes for sale, along with campervan conversions for all types of vans too! In fact, we are proud to now be the sole UK distributor for Ilusion Caravaning! In this blog, we’ll give you a first look at the XMK series from Ilusion Caravaning and give you details on how you can find out more with our team.

About Ilusion Caravaning

Ilusion Caravaning is a manufacturer of compact motorhomes. Based in Spain, this is the first time their motorhomes will be available in the UK, and we are so excited to be a part of that. As the sole distributor for the manufacturer here, Denby Campervans is the only place in the country at present you will be able to get your hands on motorhomes created by Ilusion. And we’re here to give you the first look at the Ilusion Caravaning motorhomes that you can buy from us at the moment.

XMK Series

The XMK Series of motorhomes are the most compact on the market at present. Not only that, they come with a wide range of features that are well-suited to van life. Inside each model you will find a fully fitted kitchen kitted out with soft-closing drawers, 150-litre AES fridge and an oven/grill.

Ilusion XMR 590 Hob And Sink

As well as this, the Ilusion XMK features both direct and indirect LED lighting, 5 seats, diesel heating, and anti-vibration systems within the furniture. All upholstery is also treated with a Protech stain-resistant finish to safeguard against spills. This high quality finish ensures every journey is a pleasure, with comfort at the top of the priority list.

Interior of the Ilusion XMR 590 Interior

And the outside is just as impressive. One of the biggest benefits of an Ilusion motorhome is how compact it is. The low-profile body of each vehicle in the XMK series features a slightly rounded profile for improved aerodynamics, as well as to prevent water from accumulating on the roof.

Ilusion XMR 590 Exterior

XMK Models Available From Denby

The XMK range features 12 models, which range between 5.99m in length to 7.40m. The 590 sits at 5.99m long and features a half-dinette lounge complete with electric drop down bed. The 590FT is similar to the 590, however the key difference between these two modes is the rear U-shaped lounge which takes the place of the fixed bed.

Interior of the Ilusion 590ft motorhome

Other models include the 590L (which features rear bunk beds), 690 and 740 (both with fixed single beds), 695 and 730 (with island beds), and the six-berth 760 which also features rear bunk beds.

Interior Of Ilusion 590Ft Motorhome

To see the Ilusion Motorhome range in more detail and learn more about its unique features, click here. 

Affordable, High-Quality Motorhomes

We chose to represent Ilusion Motorhomes here in the UK because we’re passionate about giving our customers excellent quality motorhomes and campervans at fair prices. For over 20 years we have committed our time and energy to creating stunning bespoke campervan conversions and VW campervans for our clients. Now, we are pleased and excited to branch out to providing these new high-quality motorhomes too.

To see our current range of vehicles for sale, head over to the campervans for sale page. There you will find a complete collection of the campervans and motorhomes we have on sale currently, along with full specifications and prices. Alternatively, contact our team today to have a chat about how we can help you kickstart a conversion of your current campervan or find out what we can do to source the campervan you’ve been dreaming of…


Campervan Conversions Made To Be Driven By You

Campervan Conversions That Are Made to Be Driven By You

There is something deeply personal about campervan conversions. They are your very own home from home out there on the road. More than just a vehicle, a campervan is a place where you make memories. It is a place to eat, sleep, relax, and (most importantly) have fun!

That’s why we put 110% into making campervan conversions that are made to be driven by you. While we have a suite of conversions to choose from, each one can be customised to your own individual preferences. From colours and finishes to optional extras and accessories, we’re as flexible as your version of van life needs us to be. So, you’ll always find a campervan conversion to suit your needs with us. To see a selection of customer campervans, check out our campervan conversion gallery.

Campervan Conversions from Denby Campervans

We offer 5 campervan conversion packages here at Denby Campervans. In this blog post, we’ll give you a run down of each, exploring which types of campervans and lifestyles they are most suitable for. But please don’t think you’re limited by anything you see here. Our team love a challenge and would be excited to hear your ideas, so please contact us with any specific questions and we’d be more than happy to help!

Balmoral Conversion

Balmoral Campervan Conversion

Our Balmoral Conversion is the iconic and most popular campervan conversion. It is the one you will see most often over on our campervans for sale page. This is because it has everything you need to hit the road and enjoy an adventure, however long you plan for.

Suitable for short wheelbase or long wheelbase vans, this full side conversion creates a fully equipped campervan. The kitchen area is fully decked out with side kitchen units, SMEV 2 burner gas hob and sink, 48 litre compressor fridge/freezer and laminated table, so there’s more than enough room to cook and enjoy a family meal comfortably. As well as this, a rock and roll bed is included for cosy nights sleep after active days along with matching seats in both leather or vinyl options depending on your style.

With our Balmoral conversion, our aim is to build in all of your creature comforts for an affordable price. To see the full spec list for this campervan conversion, head over to the Denby Balmoral Campervan Conversion page for a full run down.

The beauty of the Balmoral is that it is versatile and functional. And it starts from only £12,995!

Buckingham Conversion

Buckingham Campervan Conversion

The Buckingham campervan conversion really is as royal as it sounds. Another versatile conversion, it will fit into a variety of vehicles, including long wheel base versions of the Volkswagen Transporter and other similar vans.

Decked out with hardwood ply flooring covered with high grade vinyl, rear kitchen units and cupboards in a variety of finishes and featuring 2 single beds, it is a family friendly conversion with a range of customisation options.

Our starting price for the Buckingham Campervan Conversion is just £13,995 and this includes your choice of elevating or high-top roof!

Denby Weekender Conversion

Denby Weekender Conversion

Sometimes the 9 to 5 means that you’re living the van life only at the weekends – for now! Which is where the Denby Weekender conversion comes in. Perfect for a quick and easy weekend getaway but robust enough to withstand the rigours of an extended break, the Weekender comes with all the home comforts you need including a fully lined interior, compact kitchen with a dual hob and sink and a full width bed.

The Weekender is a great place to start as you begin your journey into the wonderful world of campervan adventures. What’s more, it’s well suited for a range of vehicles from Volkswagen Transporters to Vauxhall Vivaro vans! What’s more, a whole host of extras can be built in to this campervan conversion to ensure it’s just right for your needs and ready to hit the road when you are.

Day Van/Kombi Conversions

Our Day Van/Kombi Conversions are totally bespoke and extend to a large range of vehicles. Whatever modification you need, just speak to us and we can assist you in making your vision become a reality. From fitting cycle racks for when you hit the dirt tracks or entertainment systems to keep little ones quiet en route to your next adventure, we will work with you to understand what you need and make it happen!

Olympian Sportsmobile Conversion

The Olympian Sportsmobile is for the cyclists, runners, dog walkers, motorcyclists and all round adrenaline junkies out there. Whether you’re heading out to the coast to catch some waves or taking on your next track for motocross, the Olympian Sportsmobile campervan conversion has the space and the amenities to keep you comfortable throughout the journey.

The beauty of the Olympian Sportsmobile is that you can chop and change it’s configuration as much as you need. Need a shower? No problem with the Sportsmobile! Somewhere to rest your head after a hard slog? You got it!

Find out more about the Olympian Sportsmobile conversion here.

Campervan Conversions Made To Be Driven By You

At Denby, you are our focus. Your comfort, your family, your adventures, your choice. Which is why we are extremely flexible when it comes to all kinds of conversions. As well as this, we also offer a range of optional extras from awnings to upholstery upgrades. With us, you can get the finish you’re looking for and the help of our expert team who will ensure it’s all safely fitted to the highest of standards.

Talk To Us About Your Campervan Conversion

If you’re considering a campervan conversion, either for a van you already own or a completely new one, please get in touch. As well as advise on your current vehicle, we can also source a range of used and new models into which we can place your very own, bespoke conversion.

With us, your vision can become a complete reality. And, what’s more, the conversion of your dreams will be fitted to a high standard and made to be driven by you.