School’s out for summer! No this isn’t an Alice Cooper song but more of a guide to enjoying the summer with a Denby Campervan. Whether you’re heading abroad or staying on the British Isles a VW Campervan is the perfect vehicle to take you there.

For those who have never considered a campervan holiday this quick read could be the inspiration you need to try campervanning for the first time, and rather a lot like our VW Campervans, you might end up being converted. Now you might think that getting a full family in the back of a camper might be a bit of a squeeze! or you’ll all go a bit stir crazy and on top of one another. Well, the truth is that simply isn’t the case, with careful packing, planning and our ergonomic designs (you’re welcome) you’ll be far from claustrophobic.

Campervans have come a long way from a simple mattress in the back. They’re packed full of features making camping and driving stress-free. Take a look at our guide to summer in a Denby Campervan.

Our Guide to Summer in a Denby Campervan

Planning is Key

Don’t get me wrong, planning every aspect of your trip is ludicrous, as you can hit bumps along the way that can disrupt your plans. However, striking a balance between a go with the flow attitude and a bit forward planning just leads to an enjoyable summer.

Campervanning is all about exploring, however during the summer chances are campsites will be busier than any other time of the year. So tipping up and expecting a spot to be vacant is a dangerous game. A little route planning and pre-booking can be a big stress reliever and time saver.

Not only that, driving around aimlessly looking for a place to stay or even something to do for the day can take its toll on the mood of the party. We’re all human and long journeys can affect us all, no more so than children. If you plan and organise your trip well, you can do most of the driving when they’re having a nap. Win, Win!

Travelling with Children

Continuing on from the previous point, travelling with your children is a truly rewarding experience. You can open their eyes to new adventures, cultures and so much more. However, we hate to be the one to break it too you, but it can be difficult – although it doesn’t have to be!

Following a few simple parenting hacks, you’ll keep your children entertained and engaged for the whole summer. Our first tip is to pack an entertainment bundle. Although camping is about escaping the modern comforts of home, this doesn’t mean you have to completely cut yourself off from the digital world. Pack plenty of books, board games, magazines, tablet devices (with chargers). Even if you don’t end up using them for most of your holiday, they’re good to get out on rainy days or quiet days.

Another top tip is to plan where you’re staying! If the campsite doesn’t have any child-friendly amenities or it is a long drive to a point of interest – it will be difficult to turn that frown upside down. Plus, you’ll be wasting valuable family time driving to and from places.

Pack the Essentials

It’s easy to get carried away when packing, we’ve all done it. Space is limited and those extra pair of trainers or your second denim jacket chips away at your space – and you could sacrifice something important.

Your campervan is your home for the duration of your holiday, and it can only hold so much. Always consider is there a smaller or lighter version when packing. ‘What to pack’ will be determined by the length or destination of your trip – but a quick tip is to write down everything you’ll think you’ll need. Review it. Then ask yourself ‘do I need it?’ You’ll save yourself so much space and time.

Speak to Denby or Take a Look at our Blog for Further Tips

The common theme in our guide is planning makes your summer holiday stress-free and I can’t stress that enough. But the most important tip we can give is to make it a summer to remember. Campervan holidays bring so much joy to families and we believe everyone to experience it, although we might be a bit biased.

If you’d like more tips about how to enjoy your campervan or if you’d like to take a look inside one of our VW CampervansSpeak to the team at Denby Campervans today. We have a tone of experience and a portfolio of happy customers! who have set off for family adventures in a campervan.

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