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VW Campervans

Why We Love VW Campervans at Denby Campervans

VW Campervans are our life! We love these versatile, functional and stylish vehicles as they offer so many benefits to budding travellers and adventurers. The beauty of a campervan is that you can make it your own. You decide the make, model, colour, fittings, accessories and more. Not only that – you pick the destination. Campervans can take you to beaches, forests, mountains cities or towns. Whatever and wherever you want to go, they’ll get you there.

Just a few of Many Reasons we LOVE VW Campervans

Each of us has our own reasons for adoring these amazing vehicles, we’ve asked around and here are our top answers to ‘why do you love campervans?’

Freedom and spontaneity

Possibly the number one answer for most people but campervans are the ultimate tools in going wherever and whenever you want to go. Pick a place, pack your bags and off you go. It’s as simple as that.

Day trips

Tying in with point one, but a campervan is perfect for packing up and heading out for the day. Whether it’s the seaside, hills or parks. You can be out there enjoying an adventure for the day in moments.

No more hotel nightmares

We’ve all been there, spending hours looking for review sites of hotels wondering what it will be like when you arrive. Your campervan is both a hotel and transport rolled into one – so you’re in no doubt about the quality of your accommodation.

Comfort and convenient

Camping is freedom of the great outdoors at its absolute best, but tents aren’t for everybody. Personally, we prefer not to wrestle with a ground sheet or tent in unpredictable weather conditions. We much prefer to arrive, park up and make the bed in no more 15minutes. It’s a no brainer really. Not only that but a double rock and roll bed over a thin foamy sleeping matt. I know which I’d pick.

Doors open cooker on

One of my personal favourite aspects of a campervan is the idea of parking up somewhere scenic and enjoying delicious home cooked meal – immersed in your surroundings. The washing up I don’t enjoy as much.

Solo, duo, family

Campervan adventures can be enjoyed whether flying solo, a partner or with the kids. Not to show my age, but kids these days are stuck to their gadgets and gizmos. Campervans are a great chance to break away from the glowing screens and enjoy quality time outdoors and with family.

VW Campervans are Just Cool… End of

VW Campervans are just cool and that’s a fact, the original VW T1 is arguably one of the most iconic and coolest vehicles going (we might be a little bias there). The shape may have changed over the years, but the badge and values remain the same.

At Denby Campervans, we specialise the sale of new and used VW campervans, particularly the stylish VW T6 model and the equally impressive VW T5. Based in Leek, Staffordshire, we’ve been helping customers for many years to find the perfect vehicle to take them on the adventures and road trips they’ve always dreamed of.

Our Denby campervans are built with an eye for detail, quality materials, expert craftsmanship, but most importantly, with you in mind. Our aim is to make your VW campervan unique to your requirements and specifications. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking adventurer or looking for something understated – speak to Denby Campervans today. And we’ll work together to great the perfect campervan.


volkswagen campervans

Volkswagen Campervan – The Must-Pack Items

Holidays are all about getting away and de-stressing yourself from day to day life! So why does the planning and packing a for holiday stress you out more? It always feels like there a gazillion things to do before you set off on an adventure in a Volkswagen campervan holiday. Do you go back and forth of whether you’ll need certain items or not? Well, you’re not alone, we’ve spent (wasted) numerous evenings fretting over what to pack.

As we discussed in a previous blog, one of the big campervanning mistakes is to overpack – so we thought we’d bring a comprehensive list of must-pack items for the perfect campervanning holiday.

Volkswagen Campervan Checklist

Setting and planning out a list of everything you’ll need helps take the pressure off by getting organised early. Plus, you can check off as you go. The earlier you start to plan the easier the job will be closer to the time of your well-earned holiday. Depending on where you’re going or how long you’re going for will mean you’re packing checklist will differ from the next campervanner. So, we’re tailoring our list to the must-have Volkswagen campervan essentials.

Your Volkswagen campervan is going to be your home for the duration of your holiday, and it can only hold so much gear. So before packing anything, think, is there a lighter or small version? One of our top tips before setting off is after you’ve packed anything into your camper, make sure it is either locked away or packed away to make sure the contents don’t fly about your campervan when on the road.

To make things a little easier to follow we’re breaking down the checklist into sections and categories.

House Keeping

  • Mats for wiping your feet
  • Container for shoes
  • Washing up materials (sponges, washing up liquid, tea towels)
  • Surface cleaner
  • Bin liners
  • Mini vacuum (dustbuster)
  • Bag for dirty washing
  • Clothesline, pegs and washing powder
  • Bag for life
  • Kitchen utensils (cutlery, tongs, peeler, chopping board, kitchen knives)
  • Storage containers

Personal Items

  • Pillow
  • Toiletries and hand sanitizer
  • Bath towel
  • Leisure items (games, cards, sports equipment)
  • Reading materials
  • Fold away chairs
  • Clothes for all weather types (raincoats to sun hats)
  • Chargers
  • Sat-nav
  • Camera
  • Kettle
  • First aid kit

Tools and Spares

  • Old rag (checking the oil or campervan maintenance)
  • Penknife or Stanley knife
  • Travel tool kit
  • Puncture repair
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Cable ties
  • Torch/ lamps
  • Batteries
  • Camera memory card (if needed)


These are merely our personal preference essentials, and you think we’ve missed anything, let us know on our social media pages.

Speak to Denby to Volkswagen Campervan Tips & More

This may seem like a lot to pack but if you pack smart there will be room for so much more including your own personal items that we may have missed off our list. If you’re thinking about a Volkswagen campervan ort going on a camper holiday, speak to Denby for campervan conversions. We specialise the T5 and T6 Transporter models – customising them to our customers specific and individual requirements.

Come and see Denby Campervans at our new showroom in Leek for more information and the many benefits a Volkswagen campervan. They are more than a camper they are a lifestyle!