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Volkswagen Campervan

Volkswagen Campervan Cooking: What you’ll need to Know!

Sitting down for a well-earned meal after a day driving or exploring is one of the many perks of campervanning. There’s something just so satisfying about homemade cooking at your stop – opening the doors and windows and taking in the views. Meal times are a great chance to swapping stories, plan your next stop and enjoy each other’s company.

To some, when they think of campsite cooking, their first thought is of the painful memories of the scouts or guides eating beans from a tin, or bland stew. So, we’re here to tell you that just isn’t true. With a Denby Volkswagen Campervan, you’ll get a fully equipped kitchen and eating area – so you can enjoy your mealtime in luxurious comfort and style.

We love campervan cooking, and we want to share a few tips and tricks from our time on the road. That we hope will help you with your cooking!

Volkswagen campervan volkswagen campervan

Volkswagen Campervan Cooking: Our Tips

At Denby, we specialise in campervans and campervan conversions. Cooking is a big part of the camping experience. So, we have put together a helpful guide to cooking and living in a Volkswagen campervan.

Shop Sensibly

When we say sensibly it has multilayers. To start, stock up on non-perishable items with long shelf lives, these will last you the entire journey and are great for a midtrip snack or meal.

Secondly, supermarkets are much cheaper than a corner shop, so take full advantage of their savings and multipacks. You’ll pick up fresh food at a good price meaning it’s a win-win on both savings and taste. Although don’t overstock and get carried away – we’ve all done it.

Store Food Properly

Once you’re stocked up with food, be mindful of how your store it. The last thing you want is ants or worse mice. Tupperware is your best friend for items such as cereal, rice, pasta and so on. These magical food storage boxes will not only keep pests away, but they’ll also keep your food fresh and easier to store/stack.

Clean Up ASAP

This could be one of the most useful tips we could give, but don’t leave your dishes dirty. Washing up is by far and away from the most irritating part of cooking and it is so easy to just say I’ll do it tomorrow – but trust us you’ll regret it.

Water is limited so you need to be smart with the washing up. When the pan is still hot, add water and washing up liquid immediately, sparing minimal effort to clean up. This could save you hours excess scrubbing and water when your food has hardened.

For example, porridge turns to cement when left too long and you’ll spend water and energy scrubbing.

An extra tip which ties in with cleaning up is – be mindful what you put down the sink. The odd bit of veg or egg is nothing to worry about, but large chunks will not only clog the drains but stink out the van. Our tip: buy a basin.

You Cook Where you Sleep

This is one we learnt the hard way but now we can pass it on to other campers so that you don’t make the same mistake. Think before cooking in a campervan, a curry is a nice smell to wake up to… salmon not so much.

Smells cling to the furnishing and upholstery! So, be aware if you make a smelly meal, it may be in the van for a few days.

Remember you are Part of a Community

Camping is a shared experience with you and other holidaymakers. If your holiday is coming to an end or you’re packing up for a long journey and you’ve got perishables such as meat, veg or cheese that won’t last the trip. Offer them out to campers in the area – and hopefully, somewhere down the road, you’ll be repaid in kind.

volkswagen campervan volkswagen campervan

Speak to Denby for a Volkswagen Campervan and Advice

A Volkswagen campervan is not only the perfect vehicle for a season of adventure! but a Michelin star kitchen and 5-star hotel all rolled into one!

We hope we’ve provided you with a few tips and tricks that you can put into practice. The best recipes we’ve come across during our time are one pan recipe – quick, simple and tasty.

If you’d like to know more about our T5/ T6 campervans and Volkswagen campervan conversions, speak to Denby today. We’re based in Leek and have a fully stocked showroom with a plethora of high-quality converted campervans. If you can’t find a camper in our stock, we regularly source vehicles as per our customer’s requests or requirements.


VW Transporter Campervan

Campervanning in a VW Transporter Campervan

The Easter holidays are almost here and so is summer. The days are getting longer, lighter and warmer and now is a good as time as any to start thinking about packing in your campervan and hitting the road. Campervanning holidays have always been popular with British holidaymakers and whether you’re staying in the British Isles or heading into Europe or a little further. A VW Transporter Campervan is one of the most luxury vehicles on the market. At Denby we hold stock of over 150 T5 & T6 VW Transporter model vehicles, with low mileage, finance packages and all feature our signature campervans conversions. So camping is more like glamping.

Our Top Tips for Camping with a VW Transporter Campervan

Campervanning can have its drawbacks, most notably the weather. The stories of holidaymakers camping trips being good or bad tend to hinder on the weather. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that! However, we can help by providing you with a few tips and advice, that we hope will make your holiday as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

  1. Go for quality over quantity when packing.

Confession, I don’t follow this tip, but I wish I did! I can’t count the number of times I’ve packed something stating, ‘I’ll take it just in case’. But the more you bring the harder you’ll find space to store it. Despite the vast storage the VW Transporter campervan has to offer. If you overpack, your camper will feel cluttered and cramped. Only pack what you’ll need, and your van will feel spacious and comfy.

Balmoral Camper Conversion seats blackberry campervan interior - nearly finished VW Camper Conversions

  1. Leave the suitcases behind.

This follows on from point one, we advise leaving suitcases or packing boxes behind. The VW Transporter has cupboards draws and storage perfect you everything you’ll need when on the road and camping. Clothes can be packed into small spaces whereas suitcases can take up too much space.

  1. Layers are key.

The weather can be unpredictable, sunny morning can quickly turn into a downpour in the afternoon. Even if it is a ‘summer’ holiday you’re going on, a hat, coat and some thick woolly socks are essential.

  1. Plan, plan, plan

Whether it’s the destination, where to stay, the day’s activity or what/ where to eat – plan ahead! Having even a rough idea of your plans means less time is wasted and you get the most out of your trip.

  1. Sleep & relax in comfort

Good sleep is essential for your trip success. Luckily VW Transporter campervan beds are comfy, spacious and warm. With proper bedding, they’re as good as your bed at home. Easy to set up and put away, if you’ve had a long day travelling, you’ll be off to sleep in a matter of moments.

campervan conversions VW Conversions for sale

Get in Touch for more Tips and Details about our VW Transporter Campervan

Ultimately the best tip we can give you is to make your campervan your own! Our VW Transporter campervans can be customised to your specs and perfectly set up for your trip. If you’d like to know about Denby’s range of high quality and high-performance campervans, speak to our team or come and see us at our showroom in Leek, Staffordshire