Month: October 2018

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Campervan Roofs – Pop Up, Elevating & High Top Roofs

At Denby Campervans, we specialise in campervan conversions for a number of top model vans. We pride ourselves on providing customers tailored and personally customised campervan conversion. One of our most popular additional features and personalisation options is our extended campervan roof packages.

Customers of Denby Campervans have the choice of either a pop-up roof, elevating roof or a high top roof to be fitted to their campervan. Below you’ll find a brief break down of our campervan roof options.

Our Campervan Roof options

Pop Up Roofs: Pop up roofs are easy to deploy roofing solution made from high-quality tenting materials. Lightweight, streamline and made from quality materials, your roof is well suited for extra storage or additional sleeping.

Elevating Roofs: Slimline elevating roofs are one of our most popular roofing options. These additional spaces provide an extra sleeping space for weekends away or camping trips. These campervan roofs are fantastic for relieving claustrophobia when moving around the van.

High Top Roofs: Hightop roofs are another of our popular roofing packages. Aero-dynamic and tailored to the users’ needs. Our high-tops roofs can be fitted to the T6 and T5 model as well as a number of other model vehicles.

In addition to our VW roofing option, there are a number of additional add-ons such as:

  • Colour Coding
  • Elevating Roof Beds
  • Bed Boards
  • Two Side Windows
  • Roof Vent
  • Lining Out For High Top Roof


Get in Touch or Come and See our Campervan Roof Options

If you would like to know more about our campervan roof options get in touch with a member of our team today. Our team have years of experience and provide our customers with the best advice tailored to their requirements. If you’d like to see our campervans up close and personal come and see us at our showroom in Leek just outside of the Peak District.


vw campervan

VW Campervan: Battle of the T5 vs T6

Here at Denby Campervans, we specialise in the sale and conversions of VW campervan and one of the many questions we get asked is what is the difference between the T5 and T6 model? and which should I buy? To answer the first question is relatively simple the T6 is a visually updated version of a T5 with the majority of the van remaining unchanged.

So, on the face of it, the T6 and T5 are very similar but we still thought we’d put together a small guide to shed some light on which is better for you. Because ultimately that is the deciding factor. Which is better for you?

VW Campervan: Bumper to Bumper (Head to Head)

For the purpose of this review, we’re comparing the 2014 VW T5 Volkswagen Highline Transporter Campervan. And the 2016 VW T6 Volkswagen Highline Transporter Campervan. Both vehicles are available to drive away today.


 T5    T6


Engine & Performance

The T5 and T6 share a similar TDi 2.0 litre, 102bhp engine with the latter having an updated VW Euro 6 engine for better fuel consumption. The real difference is on the road with VW putting work into reducing noise. Other difference we have noticed is the T6 having a smoother transmission, this is particularly noticeable with a heavier load.


These two vehicles are short wheel based but there is large wheel-based VW campervan available too. The T5 and T6 have air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, ABS and power steering as well as a CD and Stereo player.


The T6 builds upon the already fantastic safety features of the T5. The new features added to the T6 make driving and parking up more secure. So, whether you’re leaving your van for the day or sleeping at night you can rest easy.

Campervan Conversion Features

Here at Denby Campervans, we are renowned for our VW campervan conversions, and a one size fits all approach does not provide campers with the vehicle of their dreams. These two vehicles feature our signature Balmoral conversion package. Your VW campervan features a rock and roll bed for easy setup. Fully equipped kitchen including gas hob, sink, dining table, storage and a fridge/ freezer. For maximum privacy the T5 and T6 both feature safety glass and custom-made curtains for each window. There are multiple power points, electric hook up and USB sockets along with LED lighting.

What makes your VW campervan so unique is the choice of upholstery and finishes. Make your van your won and select from a number of interior finishes and upholsteries.

 T5   T6


Another of our signature features are our elevating and pop up roofs. The versatile Denby Campervan roof offers flexibility and movement around your vehicle when parked up. Some customers wonder. Will the VW campervan lose some of its visual appeals? and the answer is no! The streamlined roof fits seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle keeping the vehicle streamline and stunning. Another great feature of our roofs as the offer an extra sleeping space. Made from tenting material, you’ll sleep soundly and comfortably above your van.

 T5   T6

VW Campervan: Final Round

So, to sum up, like with many things in life it all comes down to personal preference. Both the T5 and T6 VW campervans have their own individual merits. But they share the same Denby quality and functionality, so no matter where the road will take you, your VW campervan is up to the task.

For more information about any of our campervans, please get in touch with our team today. We live and breathe campervans and will be happy to discuss in full the specifications, features and potential for adventure with our vans.

We have an open showroom to the public located just outside of the Peak District in Leek Staffordshire where we showcase our VW campervan and you’re more than welcome to step inside and fully immerse yourself into the quality and performance of our campervans.

Finally, you can browse through our stock online but don’t be disheartened if you don’t see anything that catches your eye as we constantly update our inventory with new vehicles arriving almost daily.