Month: September 2018

used campervans

Used Campervans for Sale

Here at Denby we provide both new and used campervans for sale. We have hundreds of new and used vehicles almost every day. Our used vehicles arrived with a variety of conversion packages fitted to them, ensuring there is a campervan to match all our customers’ requirements. From Buckingham to Balmoral and everything in between we have them all. Some customers might be put off at the thought of a used vehicle, so we’ve put together a few reasons why used campervans could be just what you’re looking for.

Travel and Arrive in Style with Used Campervans

Campervans we once the pined over camper vehicle on site but those days are gone. Say goodbye to stuffy vehicles and crowding around an electric heater to keep you warm on colder days. Nothing grabs the eye like a VW camper conversion. When you pull up at your destination for some well-earned relaxation. You fully notice and appreciate the space you have on offer. With a king size bed, fully equipped kitchen and state of the art entertainment systems. You’ll find it hard to believe this is all inside one campervan.

Not only that your luxury goes with you! When it’s time to hit the road again all that comfort comes with you. So, say goodbye to hotels or hostels! Whether alone or part of a group used campervans offers unrivalled freedom.

Campervan sales can be a scary thought, especially on your wallet and many customers are put off thinking they’re out of the budget. However, here at Denby we offer new and used campervans on some fantastic finance packages which are tailored to your budget. Low deposits and low payments across our entire range and you could drive away the same day!

Get in Touch for Used Campervans

A used campervan can be made your own. If you would like to know more about our new and used vehicles, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.


Elevating Roofs

Elevating Roofs For Campervans – Turn Your Van into a Home

A Denby elevating roofs for a VW campervan adds an extra dynamic and level of comfort when you reach your destination after a long journey. Some people find vans claustrophobic especially after you’ve been in them for a while. So, an elevating roof is just the trick for more headroom and an overall homelier feel. Because ultimately that is what your campervan is for.

Elevating roofs are a great added addition to our campervans and our customers agree as it’s one of our most popular conversion options. Below we’ll outline a few reasons why you should say yes to an extendable roof for those who are still sat on the fence.

A Few Reasons for Choosing Elevating Roofs

To start with as we previously mentioned elevating roofs offer additional space which the roofs biggest advantage! The extendable roof makes moving around the van when parked up much easier. Cooking, washing up, getting ready and relaxing are just a few of the advantages when staying in the van.

Our elevating is flexible, compact and aerodynamic. When arriving at your destination your roof will be up and read in a matter of seconds. Additionally, as simple as the roof goes up it just as easily goes down. Some customers wonder when the roof down it looks a bit glaring but the simple answer is no! Denby elevating roofs are compact and only stand a little above the existing body. This allows them to be more aerodynamic and eliminating drag.

Finally, our elevating roofs are made from tenting materials, which makes them extremely ventilated but not at all drafty.

Get in Touch for Elevating Roofs and More

If you would like to know more about our Denby elevating roofs and the compatibility with certain vehicles, please get in touch with our team today. If you prefer face to face advice, we have a new showroom open to the public just outside of the Peak District in Leek.


volkswagen campervan

Volkswagen Campervans – More than Just a Camper

Have you always thought of just packing up and hitting the road, never knowing where your adventure might take you? Well, we have and there is no better vehicle to do this other than a Volkswagen Campervans.

Gone are the days of pitching up in a fibreglass shelled camper, curling around a small heater. The modern way is to arrive in stylish, comfortable and spacious Volkswagen campervans that will be the envy of motorist and campers alike.

Reasons for Choosing Volkswagen Campervans

Here at Denby, we believe Volkswagen campervans offer so much more than just a vehicle, and for those weigh up the pros vs the cons. We’ve put together our top reasons for choosing one of our stunning vehicles.

Life changing: A Volkswagen campervan is truly life-changing. Drive, park and camp wherever you want on a VW campervan. The ultimate tool for being free. Say goodbye to hotels, reservations and the dread of pitching a tent at your destination. Simply park and put your feet up – You’ll never experience freedom like it!

Investment: VW campervans are an investment, a ready to drive adventure when you can. If you’re not ready to take the trip of your life just yet, your van will be there waiting for an opportunity to take you. Many customers wonder can they afford a Denby campervan and the simple answer is yes. Thanks to our finance packages to suit all budgets. Everyone should have the chance to experience one of our campervans.

Customisable: Last but by no means least is the number of customisable options to choose from. In addition to all the basic amenities such as a king size bed, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. You can choose from a selection of conversion packages which include a choice of finishes and upholstery.

Get in Touch or Come and See our Volkswagen Campervans

In addition to our Volkswagen campervans, we stock a number of used vehicles for sale as well as hire. If you would like to know more about any of our vehicles do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, come and see us at our showroom in Leek – just outside of the peak district.


Volkswagen campervans

Get Away with Volkswagen Campervans from Denby

As schools have started you might be thinking about getting away from the busy streets of rush hour traffic. Volkswagen campervans from Denby offer the ultimate in freedom, reliability and can take you anywhere you wish. If getting away from the busy roads wasn’t enough to convince you to get away, we thought we’d put together a few more reasons why our Volkswagen campervans are so well loved.

4 Reason for Choosing a Denby Volkswagen Campervans

Huge choice of models and vehicles – At Denby, we have a fantastic choice of Volkswagen campervans for customers to choose from. Our VW T5 and T6 range offer versatility and are perfectly suited to fulfil your needs. Don’t worry if there isn’t a van that catches your eye right away as our stock is always changing. See out vehicles for sale here.

Customisation and personality – Not only are we renowned for our choice of Volkswagen campervans but at Denby, we also offer a fantastic choice of customisations and conversions that perfectly reflects your personality. See our conversion packages here.

They’re not just for holidays – I know we started this blog with getting away on holiday, but when it’s time to come home your campervan still makes for a great run around, extra storage space and even a spare bedroom if space is limited inside for guests.

Freedom – You can travel whenever and wherever you want to go. It’s that simple!

Get in touch for Volkswagen Campervans from Denby

Finally, it’s what we do best! Here at Denby, we specialise in Volkswagen Campervans, and many of our models are available to drive away today or available on finance. If you’re thinking of starting a new life and adventure, come and see us at our showroom in Staffordshire, just outside the Peak District. To keep on top of our latest deals and offers, be sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.


elevating roofs

Elevating Roofs offer Freedom on the Road and Parked Up

You won’t know freedom until you’ve tried a Denby Campervan. Our VW vehicles allow you to go wherever and whenever you want. Denby campervans don’t just offer freedom on the road. Thanks to our elevating roofs, you’ll have freedom and comfort to move around your campervan without feeling restricted or claustrophobic!

Here at Denby, we specialise in the T5 and T6 models, but we also provide additional roofs for other high performance and popular van models. Such as Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit and many more.

Elevating Roofs and Other Extra Add-ons

As part of the complete service we offer at Denby campervans we offer a range of roof options. Owners often wonder if an extra roof will alter the appearance of their van and we’re here to tell you that you van will not lose its stylish visuals at all. Our elevating or pop up roof fit seamlessly into the bodywork of the existing campervans roof.

Customers of Denby have a choice of either a high-top roof, Denby elevating roof or pop-up roof. Elevating roofs are just one of the option packages you can add to your VW Campervan.

Additional extras that can be added to your van include:

Colour Coding – Choose from Gel Colours and Metallic Finishes

Elevating Roof Bed

Bed Boards

Two-side Windows (High-top Roof)

Roof Vent (High-top Roof)

Lining Out (High-top Roof)

Come and See our Denby Elevating Roofs

If you would like to know more about our elevating roofs, please get in touch with a member of our team today. Our team provide friendly and impartial advice to ensure you get the best possible van that matches your requirements.

A Denby campervan is all about the visuals which are why we have an open showroom, just outside of the Peak District (Leek). Come down and see our vehicles first hand and you’ll be blown away by the quality, style and promise of adventure that our VW campervans offer.