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What to Look for in T5 Campervans for Sale

With so many options on the market when it comes to T5 campervans for sale, picking the right one can be tricky. There are many things to consider, like whether short or long wheelbases are better, and what on-board facilities you need. Read on for our Denby guide on what to look for in T5 campervans for sale!

Choosing T5 Campervans for Sale

When it comes to selecting a T5 campervan for sale, the one that you choose will depend on what you want to get out of your camper. For example, one of the first things to consider would be how many beds are needed. Many T5 campervans for sale can accommodate around 4 people; if you don’t need to sleep that many, it might be worth using the space you’d save as additional storage space.

Another important factor when you’re looking at a T5 campervan for sale would be on board facilities. If you’ll mostly be using your T5 campervan in parks with full cooking and washing facilities, then you might consider installing entertainment units and more storage over a kitchenette or toilet.

We have a range of conversion options which can be fit into a T5 campervan for sale, and you can find a guide here.

T5 campervans for sale at Denby will have a choice of hightop or elevating roof. It’s been said that hightop roofs can be cosier in cold weather; other owners will tell you that they love the versatility of their elevating roof.

A similar trade-off is made in T5 campervans for sale which have short or long wheel bases. A SWB can be easier to manoeuvre, whereas LWB will have more internal space.

Contact Us for T5 Campervans for Sale

If you’d like more information on a T5 campervan for sale at Denby, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team are always happy to discuss a T5 campervan for sale in our range, or modifications you want making on a van you already own. You can also find out more on our conversions and modification options here, and information on our great finance options here.


used campervans for sale

Stunning VW T5 Campervans for Sale at Denby

Here at Denby, we’re dedicated to all things camper, that’s why we’re happy to present a stunning range of VW T5 campervans for sale! A family business based in the heart of Staffordshire, we’ve been enjoying our campervans for years, therefore, we’ve gotten a great understanding of what our customers need from their campers. So, if you’re looking for VW T5 campervans for sale, choose the experts here at Denby!

New and Used VW T5 Campervans for Sale With or Without Finance

We believe that the freedom that comes with owning a campervan should not be reserved for those with the deepest pockets. This is why we offer fantastic options on our campervans in terms of finance packages. The flexible finance packages we offer on our VW T5 campervans for sale also mean that getting your hands on a gorgeous camper has never been more affordable.

Available with an extensive choice of conversions, and an almost endless list of customisation options, our VW T5 campervans for sale can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Whether you need a fully kitted out camper with beds, a loo, and kitchen facilities, or just need something simple for day trips, our campervan conversion options can help you get the most out of your campervan.

Each and every one of our VW T5 campervans for sale is guaranteed to be in excellent condition, and will either have been converted or serviced by ourselves. On board facilities can vary, but may include the following features and modifications and more:

• Fully equipped kitchen
• Toilet facilities
• High top or elevating roof
• Retractable double bed
• Entertainment systems
• Bike racks

Contact Us for VW T5 Campervans for Sale

If you’ve seen a VW T5 campervan for sale you like the look of, or would like any information about our campers and services, just give us a call! We’re also more than happy to source a specific vehicle for you, just get in touch to discuss your needs with us.


VW T5 camper for sale

5 Things to Consider When Choosing VW T5 Campervan Conversions

At Denby, we understand that our customers use their campervans for different things. Because of this, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to VW T5 campervan conversions will not suit every VW T5 campervan owner!

What to Consider When Choosing VW T5 Campervan Conversions

Selecting the best VW T5 campervan conversions for your camper can be tricky; once you have the perfect conversion, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Read on for 5 things you need to consider when selecting VW T5 campervan conversions.

1. Trip duration – Day trippers don’t necessarily need a sleeping area in their campervan, but might use kitchen facilities. Our Day Van VW T5 campervan conversions are perfect for this. They can include kitchens, cycle racks and other storage for your gear, and more. Our Weekender is perfect for short overnight trips; longer trips will benefit from our Balmoral and Buckingham VW T5 campervan conversions. These have everything you need for weekends away, and longer trips!

2. Entertainment – If you’re travelling with others, especially children, an entertainment system might be just what you need to make sure everyone’s happy. Perfect for relaxing after a long day, these can be incorporated into our VW T5 campervan conversions.

3. Facilities – A flushing toilet can be a useful thing to have, but they also take up quite a bit of space. If you’re taking your camper to sites with bathroom facilities, it’s worth considering whether you can get away without having a toilet on-board.

4. Van size – Our Balmoral, Day Van, Weekender, and Olympian Sportsmobile conversions are all perfect for short or long-wheelbase vans, whereas our Buckingham is more suited to long wheelbases. SWB can be easier to manoeuvre, whereas LWB offer more space.

5. Van engine – A bigger engine means the van can carry more weight, but may be less fuel efficient.

Contact Us for Your Perfect VW T5 Campervan Conversions

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’d like any further information on our VW T5 campervan conversions, or any of the gorgeous VW campervans we have for sale! We also have a range of campervan resources for your convenience!