Month: December 2015

Choosing the Perfect Campervan

With so many campervans to choose from it can be tricky to pick the perfect vehicle as it all depends on your individual needs. We have campervans for sale to suit all budgets along with some fantastic finance packages available if you need to spread out the cost of payments. Our range of campervans is second to none and we also specialise in camper conversions so you can make your vehicle truly unique. There’s a ton of extras and accessories you can add to your camper so be sure to check out the full list here.

Our Campervans for Sale

Size is the biggest thing to consider when looking for a campervan and how many people you’ll be travelling around with. If you’re on your own and don’t need a load of space then the Olympian Sportsmobile (pictured below) is perfect for travelling light. It’s an extremely versatile camper that can be transformed for a variety of activities including windsurfing, mountain biking and cycling. You also have large double bed, gas hob, 38 litre fridge and a shower with a hot water system.

Campervans for Sale

The versatile Olympian Sportsmobile in yellow

For families or if you’re travelling in a group you may need something a bit bigger like the Balmoral conversion. This campervan really is the full package featuring gorgeous hardwood floors and a ton of storage space as well as our signature Denby elevating roof. There’s also a luxury Rock & Roll bed, 48 litre fridge and a state of the art entertainment system. The camper is insurance approved and also comes with a 12 month warranty.

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We’ve never had more campervans for sale so be sure to come and visit us to find out more. Denby Campervans offer the best value vehicles in the region as well as the most comprehensive camper conversion service. If there is anything else you want to know about our services then please feel free to contact us today.



Demand for Campervans Soars Ahead of Euro 2016

With the European Championship set to take place in just over six months the demand for campervans has rocketed over the past few months with a lot more interested expected. England, Wales, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have all qualified for the tournament so fans will be travelling over to France in their thousands to see one of the greatest sporting spectacles the world has to offer. Tickets finally went on sale this past Monday but fans are finding it harder to find themselves accommodation for the tournament which has led them the wonderful world of campervans.

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Travel Across France in Comfort & Style

We have hundreds of campervans for sale here and specialise in camper conversions to to tweak or transform your vehicle. Why go to the trouble of booking up hotels in various cities across France when you could simply park up wherever you need to be? Plus, the uncertainty of tournament football means you never know which part of the country you’ll need to be in so a campervan gives you incredible flexibility in that respect. And, you’ll be far from roughing it in one of our campers as most of them are far better equipped than any budget hotel or hostel. Our campervans are spacious enough to sleep up to four in luxury double beds along with fully fitted kitchens and state of the art entertainment systems so you can watch the games even when you’re on the move!

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Taking all the accommodation costs out of your trip to France can save you literally thousands of pounds as hotels charge the most premium prices during huge events. It’s the perfect way to make the most of Euro 2016 whether you are travelling as an individual, a family or even a larger group. And, with Denby you can customise your vehicle for your exact needs this upcoming summer so come and visit us in Leek to have a chat with us and see our full range of campervans for sale. Alternatively, contact us directly for more information and enjoy the European Cup in the very best way.


Choose From Hundreds of Campervans for Sale!

There’s never been more campervans for sale at Denby and nobody offers a wider or more varied selection of vehicles. Campervans are our passion and we specialise in luxury conversions to transform vehicles with hundreds of extras and accessories available including king size beds, fully fitted kitchens and our trademark Denby elevating roof. We work with all kinds of camper including the brand new VW T6 which is available to order right now. You can browse our full range of campervans for sale online as well as all the available conversion options.


VW Campervans for Sale

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Each campervan we have for sale is unique and you can modify it to your heart’s content. Whether you want to make a few small tweaks or totally transform the interior, our team will ensure your exact specifications are met in full. And, you are totally free to take a camper home just the way it is as most already have modifications. We give our customers choice as well as freedom of design and you are more than welcome to take one out for a test drive. Our prices are very competitive but we also offer some brilliant finance packages along with part-exchange deals.

New & Used Campervans for Sale

There’s never been a better time to invest in one our campervans for sale and with so many to choose from plus a virtually limitless array of extras available, you could drive home with your dream camper today! Denby Campervans are based in Leek, Staffordshire if you want to come and visit us or you can simply browse our range online. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time for more information on our campervans for sale.