Month: October 2015

Winter Warmer Special!

For a limited time only, we have a spectacular special offer to warm you up for winter tons of extras available for free! The offer is on our entire range of new and used campervans for sale but you’ll have to hurry as the offer ends on the 20th November. This allows you to order £1000s worth of extras for absolutely no extra charge so there has never been a better time to buy. We have hundreds of vehicles to choose from including a wide range of VW campervans for sale with the brand new T6 in stock now.

Used Campervans for Sale

What Extras Can I Get?

The offer applies to our huge range of accessories and options which you can see here. You can tweak, modify or totally transform your campervan here at Denby so feel free to pop in at any time to discuss it further. You could get yourself a state of the art Propex heater to keep yourself warm just in time for the cold months setting in or free cab screens. And, for a great night’s sleep why not take advantage of a roof bed for your camper? The compact, comfortable and innovative design is perfect wherever your camper takes you.

Choose Denby for New & Used Campervans for Sale

We have decades of experience in the campervan business and can help you create your dream vehicle today. The winter warmer offer is for a limited time only so you’ll need to get your order in soon to avoid disappointment. You can browse our range of new and used campervans online here if you can’t make it yourself or feel free to get in touch with us directly for more information.


The Home of VW Transporter Conversions

Another day and another VW Transporter version has been completed! We’ve just been putting the finishes to this beautiful tornado red campervan following our signature Balmoral camper conversion complete with a Denby elevating roof. This is just one example of our campervan conversions in action from start to finish and this blog is going to take a look at what you can have done.

A Denby Elevating Roof

Used Campervans for Sale

As you can see from the picture, an elevating roof on your VW gives you a huge amount of extra space in your vehicle. It makes general tasks like cooking a breeze as you can walk around the spacious interior without crouching or bending. It’s hard to fully appreciate the size of the interior with an elevating roof without being inside one yourself but we help you make the most out of every inch.

Totally Unique Interiors

VW Campervans for Sale

With our Balmoral camper conversion, we put you in control of the design! Want a state of the art entertainment system with an LCD screen and surround system? Fancy a luxury king size bed? Want your kitchen to have the very latest gadgets built in? It’s our job to make your campervan perfect and we have hundreds of options to choose from to make it extra special. You can see our full range of accessories here.

Stunning Finish

Used Campervans for Sale

Not only will your interior look fantastic, but the outside of your campervan will look great too. We can finish it in any colour you want to become the envy of VW T5 camper enthusiasts across the UK!

Get Your VW Transporter Conversion

The VW Transporter is one of our favourite vehicles to work with as it’s such a versatile beast that you can do so much with. We also have hundreds of used campervans for sale so be sure to come and visit us in Leek to see what we currently have in stock. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



Customise Your Camper!

Think life on the road is tough? Then think again. Our campervans make travelling hundreds of miles a breeze with our state of the art camper conversions that can transform any motorhome into a mobile palace. We have an endless range of customisation options and accessories for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Denby Campervans are experts when it comes to conversions and we work on virtually all makes and models including the popular VW Transporter series. We also have a wide range of new and used campervans for sale which can be modified before you buy them.

VW Campervan Conversion

What Do I Get With a Campervan Conversion?

The short answer is anything you want! We have literally hundreds of options available to make travelling a luxurious experience wherever you go. You can get a fully fitted kitchen to cook full meals on the go as well as electrical sockets for kettles, toaster and microwaves. We also supply foldable king size beds with memory foam mattresses so you can have a great night’s sleep wherever you’re parked. And, if entertainment is your thing we can install a state of the art system with LCD TVs, DVD players and top quality speakers. Our trademark design feature is the Denby elevating roof which massively increases the space in your vehicle making it easy to walk around in. We design your campervan to your exact specifications to make it truly unique and somewhere you’ll love to spend time in.

Get Your Campervan Conversion Today!

We’ve already began work on the brand new VW T6 conversions which has been extremely popular so far. With our camper conversions, there are five main options to choose from including the Balmoral which is our most sought after option which includes hardwood flooring, side kitchen units, a double bed, 48 litre fridge and porta potti all as standard. Whatever you want in you camper, we will install it for you and we also offer extremely competitive prices. You are more than welcome to come and visit our workshop in Leek, browse our used campervans for sale online or get in touch with us directly for more information.



3 Reasons to Choose a Used Campervan

At Denby, we have hundreds of used campervans for sale and we get new vehicles in on an almost daily basis. There’s all sorts of campervans here from grandiose Balmoral conversions with an elevating roof to the compact Denby Weekender. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the top three reasons to get one of our used campervans for sale.

3. Go Anywhere, Anytime in Style

Long gone are the days of stuffy campervans with nothing but an electric heater to keep you company at night. You really have to see our camper conversions for yourself to see just how spacious they are with comfy king size beds, fully equipped kitchens and state of the art entertainments systems. You can say goodbye to hotels and just get up and go whenever or wherever you fancy. A campervan gives you true freedom whether you have an intrepid family or are a solo adventurer that no other vehicle can offer.

Used Campervans for Sale

2. Great Finance Options on Used Campervans for Sale

Many people think a campervan is beyond their budget as they do cost a considerable amount of money. However, new for 2015 we have some brilliant finance packages available that we can tailor to virtually any budget. We offer low deposits and low payments across our entire range of used campervans for sale and you could drive home with yours today!

1. You Can Make it Your Own

Not only do we have a ton of used campervans for sale, but we also specialise in camper conversions on virtually all models. This means we can totally transform any vehicle to your exact specifications with a huge range of accessories and options available. The choices are almost endless and we’ll make sure you are totally aware of all the available options so you can design your very own dream campervan.

View our Used Campervans for Sale Today!

If you want to come and see the vehicles for yourself or take one for a spin you are more than welcome to come and visit us at our base in Leek, Staffordshire. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have as well as offer advice with regards to conversions. You can also browse our used campervans for sale online or feel free to contact us directly for more information.