Month: August 2015

A Closer Look at VW Campervans

VW campervans are classic vehicles in almost every way but there’s far more to them than pleasing aesthetics. They are still one of the most versatile and robust campers available on the market today and we have a great selection available here. We have both new and used campervans for sale with a huge amount of customisation options available. You can make your camper truly your own and design it to be totally unique. Denby Campervans have a huge amount of skill and expertise at our disposal with legions of satisfied customers all over Staffordshire.

Used Campervans For Sale

What Makes VW Campervans So Good?

A VW camper is ready to go as it is with everything you need to hit the road straight away. Older models generally run on petrol, so the newer diesel models are a better option if you want it to be more economic when it comes to fuel consumption. There’s also a huge choice of sizes available with vehicles suitable for both families as well as single travellers. And, they are one of the easiest campers to drive and offer excellent maneuverability and a smooth drive whatever the terrain.

Choose Denby For Your VW Campervans

Along with a wide range of VWs available, we offer them for sale at extremely competitive prices and at the very best value you’ll find in Staffordshire. Denby Campervans are always open to the public and we are based in Leek if you would like to see our vehicles for yourself. You can also book in a test drive and see the incredible range of customisation options available. However, if you can’t make it you can see our selection of VW campervans for sale online. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.


More Campervans for Sale Than Ever Before!

At Denby Campervans, we are always looking for new and used vehicles to offer our customers the widest choice of campervans for sale in Staffordshire and surrounding regions. We have a huge range to choose from including classic VW campervans and T5 conversions. And, we can modify each and every one of them in an almost limitless amount of ways with tons of accessories and customisation options available.

Used Campervans for Sale


Campervans for Sale to Suit All Budgets

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a campervan, whether you are a single adventurer or family looking for a fun holiday with a real difference. Our campervans for sale come in a wide variety of prices to suit even the tightest of budgets as well as ultra luxurious models for those looking to spend a bit extra. In addition, we have some excellent finance packages available with extremely low deposits and low payments. This means the camper of your dreams really could be yours today! Many of our vehicles are available to view online, along with their specifications and prices. However, if you wish to see them for yourselves, you can come and visit our showroom in Leek where you can also have a chat with our team and take one out for a spin.

Choose Denby for New & Used Campervans for Sale

Nobody in the region comes close to offering such a fantastic combination of quality, reliable and affordable selection of campervans. Our staff are also highly skilled mechanics who know everything there is to know about campervans and conversions. We can show you all the options available and make sure you are well aware of everything possible. For more information on any of our campervans, products or services, please feel free to get in touch with us today with any of your queries.


Top Tips For Your Campervan Holidays

The freedom of the open road is yours for the taking when it comes to campervanning up, down and all around the country. Denby Campervans have a ton of campervans for sale of all varieties for you to enjoy the summer in but there are a few things to remember to get the best experience. We have talked with our customers and readers to bring you the top tips to get the most from your campervan holiday!

Campervan Holiday Tips:

Think Before You Pitch!

A beautiful, flowing river may seem like a great way to spend the night but areas like this can very quickly become boggy and attract a swarm of insects. To get the most light, take a compass with you to align your campervan to the sun. Trees can also provide shade but the rain can cause quite the noise if you are a light sleeper.

Stay Legal

Make sure wherever you are parking up is fully legal and you haven’t ended up in an out of bounds conservation area. One camper we spoke to ended up in the grounds of the MoD’s UK Nuclear Defence Base so keep an eye out! Be respectful in terms of waste and litter too, and respect your environment.

Campervans for Sale!

Don’t Get Lost!

This isn’t such a big problem in England, but abroad a map and compass with just a vague idea of where you are is crucial. The last thing you want is to get lost in a vast area with no idea where you are and fuel running low. It’s tempting to just get up and go wherever but always have some idea of where you are on the map.

Forget Hotels

Honestly, don’t do it! You have your very own hotel on wheels to take wherever you want and the opportunity to sleep somewhere nobody ever has before. The Scottish Highlands are a particularly vast, beautiful place to spend some time alone. Plus, you can have great fun curling up in your camper van getting spooked in the darkness while you hear strange noises in the night.

Go Light

Many people do the exact opposite and pack everything apart from the kitchen sink (although our VW T5 conversions have one!) but we say do the opposite. Obviously keep plenty of essentials like food, warm clothes and beer but not much else. Just launder regularly or buy cheap replacements from the budget supermarkets. Nothing will drive you more insane on a rainy day than having to shift your burdensome luggage around the van!

Want a Campervan Now?

That’s about it, if you have any other suggestions feel free to message us on Twitter or Facebook.



The Home of VW Campervans for Sale

Based in Leek, just south of the Cheshire border, Denby have the ultimate selection of VW campervans for sale in the UK. We offer top quality vehicles at fantastic prices and have a brilliant range to choose from. We get unique campers in from all over the world and also have the technical expertise to modify it in any way you want with a huge range of accessories. Denby Campervans have been trading for decades now and are just as passionate about campervans as the day we started.


Come and see our VW Campervans for Sale

We always welcome visitors to our showroom and you can also see a selection of vehicles we currently have in stock. You can have a chat with our mechanics to find out more about the limitless array of customisation and conversion options available. We do all of our conversions at our Leek workshop working with a wide range of base vehicles including the VW Volkswagen T4 & T5 Transporter or Caravelle, Mercedes Vito, Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Toyota Hiace, Ford Transit and Mazda Bongo to name just a few. It is the beautiful and versatile VW campers that stand out the most though, remaining our most popular vehicle.

Choose Denby Campervans

You won’t better value VW campervans for sale in the UK or a set of engineers more passionate about new projects. We try and provide our customers with everything they need to ensure they find the perfect time and drive away with the vehicle of their dreams. We also have some to suit every budget and we offer great finance packages with low deposits brand new for 2015 so that dream campervan could be yours to drive home (or wherever you want!) today! To find out more, pay us a visit or get in touch with us today for more information about our VW campervans for sale.