Month: June 2015

Four Reasons to Choose a VW T5 Elevating Roof

This lovely white camper conversion is nearly finished! Featuring a stunning and functional interior and elevating roof. The interior has been finished to the highest standards and features with a sink, bed, storage and appliances.

White camper conversionWhite campervan interior

The Advantages of a VW T5 Elevating Roof

Elevating roofs are an extremely popular element of our VW Camper conversions and we specialise in VW T5 elevating roofs – and it’s easy to see why! Here are four benefits of an elevating roof conversion:

1. Extra space: One of the most obvious and biggest advantages of going for a VW T5 elevating roof is the extra space that you get. This tends to make the can less claustrophobic and can make it easier and more comfortable to cook, change and generally stay in the van.
2. Flexibility: the elevating function means this roof conversion can be extended when needed, but also left down if you’re just driving or using it as a day van.
3. Compact: the elevating roof will only stand a little above the existing body of the van when retracted which makes it easier if travelling through bridges, car parks or areas with restricted height.
4. Ventilation: the vw T5 elevating roofs are made from roof tent materials.

Find out more about our VW T5 elevating roofs:

All of our t5 elevating roofs are fitted by a member of our expert installation team. Like in the case of the campervan conversion above, it can be part of a complete conversion or as a stand alone project. If you would like to find out more about our VW T5 elevating roofs, high top roofs, or any other of our campervan conversions then please get in touch with a member of our expert team! We can even add a pop top roof to VW T6 campervans! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter to see all of our latest updates and ‘during’ photos.


VW Camper Conversions – Watch our Progress!

One of the best parts of our work here at Denby Campervans is watching the transformation from a standard van, to a fully functional and incredible looking finished campervan! So we thought we’d share some images of one of our most recent camper conversion so you can see its progress too. This stunning Blackberry camper is almost ready to go to its new owner, and we think you’ll agree that they’ll be happy with the results. We added a high top roof, and converted the interior to give them everything they may need for sleeping, eating and travelling.

rear of blackberry camper conversionDuring Blackberry Camper Conversion

Blackberry vw camper conversionInterior of blackberry vw camper

Blackberry camper conversion - nearly finishedblackberry campervan interior - nearly finished


And the finished campervan (looking stunning if we do say so ourselves!)

Get your own VW Camper Conversions

Feeling inspired? If you’re imagining yourself driving away into the sunset in this VW camper conversion, then please get in touch with a member of our team. Here at Denby Campervans we’re experts at producing VW Campervan conversions, and supplying VW campervans for sale. We have a wide range of conversion options available which vary in spec and pricing, our most popular conversions include the Balmoral and the Denby weekend. For extra space our Olympian sportsmobile option integrates sports storage into the design. We can also produce VW Camper conversions which are completely bespoke, and designed to your specifications.  Finding the perfect campervans for sale has never been easier!

Find out more about our VW camper conversions range:

You can come and see us at our workshop in Leek, where we stock a wide range of VW T5s and other vans for you to choose from. Pick a campervan, pick a conversion and you could have the Campervan of your dreams in no team. If you have any questions about our VW Campervan conversions, or any of our campervans for sale then don’t hesitate in contacting a member of our expert team.